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Tips In Having The Best Walleye Fishing Experience

By Lessie Kaufman

Out of the many fish in the sea, the most amazing that you can get is the walleyes. These are not only beautiful sea animals, they are also delicious sea foods. When you want to get this species of fish, then you better set out to the nearest lake near you to fish. Here are tips to use when you want to experience fun in the best walleye fishing in South Dakota.

First, fish only in places where your target swims. While this might be a simple tip, but it is actually quite difficult to find a place where the said target swims. There are lakes that seem not be scarce of the said fish but, in truth, the said fish are just abundant there. Lake size and bottom structure also becomes a factor here.

Determine where the target hangs out, especially in every season. The depth of the lake will vary according to season. You will end up not having enough catch in one season and an abundant catch in the next. The walleyes will change places when they do not find the depth of the lake suitable for them.

You need bait to lure in these fishes. That is why you have to make sure to pick the best bait to use for the said task. When it comes to the best bait that you can use for the said task, then you should pick the minnows. However, you can still make use of other baits such as fatheads, shiners, and leeches when you have them.

Electronics will also be of great help to you in this field. Thus, you have to find those electronics that you can use for this activity. A great example of those electronics is the depth finders. They may cost you a few dollars but you can use the information you can get out of the electronics quite well.

Other live bait rigs should do too. Make sure that you have a variety in the rig that you will be using. After all, there are times when walleyes are fickle with their tastes. They take one rig at one time and not at another. It is also easier for you to catch fish when you do not use the same bait over and over.

Be familiar with crankbaits. You need these so that you can get the most out of your experience. The crankbaits are great alternative to your other baits. You can simply use the crankbaits when the walleyes do not seem to bite into your other baits like the leeches, night crawlers, and minnows.

Do not hesitate to be a copycat. When you find someone in the boat together with you who is catching this fish quite consistently, then you should not be afraid to mimic him or her exactly. It does not hurt to copy what he or she does, whether it be in bait, rig, and in presentation.

Have the right gear to use for this work too to get a good catch. When you have the right gear to use for this work, then you will find it easier to catch fish. It should be worth the fun if you have the right gear to use for this hobby of yours. The gears are not that expensive so it should be okay.

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