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More Than Enough Reasons To Book Haida Gwaii Accommodations

By Karina Frost

It is the dream of almost everyone to travel to certain places. Most of these people want to travel to famous vacation spots. But there are some who would like to wander off the beaten path. And these people found out that unpopular places can still offer great joy to the traveler. One such place is call Haida Gwaii.

This group of islands located in the north of British Columbia is also called the Queen Charlotte Islands separated into three. This means that you have three times the reason why you should have Haida Gwaii accommodations already. The first part is the mainland for British Columbia which is located to the east of the Hectate Strait. The second one is the Vancouver Island to the south of Charlotte Sound. The last one is the state of Alaska from the Dixon Entrance.

There are so many things to see, so many places to visit and more things to do in the Charlottes. If you are one for wildlife adventure, the best place for you to go to is the Gwaii Haanas. It is located in the southern part of the archipelago and is natural reserve for extinct wildlife. The park is protected for a reason and you need to be there to understand that reason.

Another site that is worth the visit are the long houses that are also located in the natural reserve. The houses are more or less a thousand years old and depicts the unique structure of the buildings in Haida before. You will also witness some of the customs that some of the Haidans still practice till today.

Located in the Naikoon Provincial Park is a cliff that measures 400 feet and was formed because of a volcanic eruption. Below the cliff is a blowhole that erupts mist when the waves from the ocean would collide into it. Another site that you should go to in this par is the North Beach where you can enjoy digging clams.

Marine life is also abundant in the islands. If you are planning to go during the spring, you will surely enjoy one certain activity. And that is the whale watching. While riding on a boat you will be joined by many orcas and humpback whales.

Their Heritage Center is the heart of the culture for the islands. You can sit down and witness performances in their auditorium or you can visit the Bill Reid Teaching Centre where students study fine arts. You are also in for a treat when you go to the carving houses where the canoes and the totem poles are made.

If you are more interested in learning the history of the people, the best place for you to go to is the museum. The fact that some of their ancestors were buried in the same grounds add to the excitement of the visit. You might want to add this place to your checklist moving forward.

Not all people in the world know the place Haida Gwaii. But seeing how they protect what they have and preserving something precious to them would tell you that it is a place worth visiting. This place would surely give you the much needed break that you have always wanted.

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