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Tips In Choosing Float Jackets For Kids

By Jody Leach

Keeping the kids safe and secure whenever they are swimming or boating is a given for parents. Thus, it is highly recommended for every parent to look for the best float jackets for the kids to where whenever they are engaged in a water situation. Here are some of the tips that a parent can follow when looking for the said vest.

The parent should know first what the rules and requirements are for the said vest. There are various boating laws that are useful for you to determine what kind of vest to purchase for the kids. It will usually depend on the situation or on the age of the kid wearing the said vest. You have to follow these rules and requirements.

Pick the best jacket that fully matches the activity scheduled for the kids. You can find three types of vests nowadays. The first is the type I which is the offshore vest. You can use this for extended survival when quick rescue becomes unlikely in the remote waters, open ocean, or rough seas.

The second option is the type II which is the near shore buoyant vests. This is the one you can use for the kids while in calm, inland water. You will definitely find this useful in a number of general boating activities. When quick rescue is highly likely, then it is only natural to prepare this for the kids, whether the latter are conscious or not.

The third one of the vests type is a flotation aid type III. Just like the type II vest, you can actually use this in a calm or inland water. It is comfortable and definitely lightweight compared to the other vests. Even if you use the said vest for an extended period of time, you will not find it uncomfortable.

The style of this vest will have an impact on your choice. You should know that there are various types to the style of this vest. There are slight differences to the design underneath. Knowing what style fits the kid the most will be helpful. In the type of style, you have three options that you can choose from.

First is the inherently buoyant vests. This is the style that will allow you to enjoy the benefit of vests made from neoprene or floatable foams. This one is very durable and you do not have to do a lot of maintenance on it. You can use this very easily so there is no need for you to perform some actions just to activate it.

The other one is the inflatable vests. With this vest, you can automatically deploy it upon submersion into the water. If this does not work, you can override that by manually inflating the vest. You should remember that this requires extra maintenance. It is not suitable for activities requiring frequent water entry, for kids 16 years old and below, and for non-swimmers.

The hybrid is the third type. This is made out of the combination of an inflatable chamber and buoyant material. You can find this vest type available even in child sizes. You will be required to have frequent maintenance checks on the vest to ensure that the wearer will be safe when wearing the said vest.

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