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Zion Ghost Tours Southern Utah To Ghost Towns

By Karina Frost

It can be difficult to choose a nice place to go to for vacations. Most people think the beach is overrated and international travel is not appealing. If you are in this category of people, Zion ghost tours southern Utah is for you. Ghost towns in the vicinity of the Zion National Park sound interesting. The landscape is graced with amazing canyons that you will find enticing.

In southern Utah you will find the ghost town of Silver Reef. It was begun as a mining town due to the plentiful silver deposits found there. The town survived a raging fire in 1879 that destroyed most buildings which were however rebuilt later. It was however not able to survive the worldwide drop in the price of silver and many mines were shut down. This led to a relocation of this town.

Grafton is an inspiration to visitors who stream to have a glimpse of the ancient town. The historic homes combined with green pastures and a stunning Virgin River offers a non forgettable experience. Grafton is just on the southern entrance of Zion National Park and has offered a great background for several Hollywood films.

Many stories are told of beginning of the town. In 1859, Grafton begun, located along the banks of the Virgin River in the southern side. The original settlers called the Mormon pioneers according to history developed a cotton industry in the area as their Prophet had directed them. The Virgin River was essential for their survival but it also brought upon them calamities.

It is said that in 1862, there was rain fall that lasted forty consecutive days and the river water became too big and washed the town away. The town had to be moved just about a mile north for remaining residents to survive. Later, they built industries for spinning cotton and silk although the town was abandoned in 1920s.

The flood of 1862 and consequent attacks by the Indians in 1866 contributed to the eventual abandonment of this town. All that remains now is an old church house, a number of houses and a cemetery. The cemetery is one of the most inspiring places in this town as it tells a story of sorry state of life in the 1800s.

Tours of ghost town is suitable for the whole family including the young ones. There are abundant strolling areas and photography fans are not left out. It is also a chance to learn the life that people lived in the last few centuries as well as educate on strives of humanity through out history. The roads are in a bad state however and a four wheel drive is necessary. A tour guide is advisable when taking the trip.

You will find your visit enjoyable with a guide as they entertain and show you around. There is so much to learn from them in terms of history, ecology and geology of this area. There are plenty of tour guide companies and one has to choose the best. Customer reviews are available from their websites is a good place to start. Remember to call in and book in advance.

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