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Tips On Car Hire With A Driver San Luis

By Karina Frost

When taking an international trip there is so much to experience that the idea of it is simply thrilling. However when you feel that you do not understand the new area and the regulation there it can get your stomach in a knot. Untie that knot by learning how you can save cash and have fun by getting a cheap car hire with a driver San Luis service.

One of the most stressful things is dealing with a bad or an expensive rental company. You want to slam your fist when you learn you wasted over 50 dollars on a rental. Focus on the good and fun time by reducing the stress that comes with renting abroad.

When hiring your car do not take the insurance offer given. You may be tempted to think that since you are in a new continent that your insurance did not travel with you. Well, be pleased to know that you are covered either by your insurance company or your visa card company; all you have to do is call and find out. Save yourself that money.

Get a cheaper deal by opting not to get a GPS system. The idea of being in anew region you have no idea about can be daunting. This is not the actual case on the ground. You can do without the system and move around comfortably. When in need of direction the GPS system on your phone works perfectly. All you need to do is get a sim card compatible with the network in the country you are in.

An additional hidden cost that raises the cost of your rental is parking fees. Instead of having the rental delivered to you at the airport and incurring extra charges pick it at a different location. Most people do not really need the rental on the first day of arrival. Save the parking fees and a day charge by getting alternative transport to ferry you from the airport to your hotel.

Fuel is another cost and you would want to minimize on this. First choose to fuel yourself as opposed to having the company fuel for you. When booking, check the option fuel upon return and stay away from prepaid fuel. You will pay much more almost double if the company fuels it when you return it and also unless you know you will finish the tank do not take prepaid fuel.

Where you choose to stop for gas is also important. Gas prices differ from one station to another depending on the location of the station. Ask for the cheaper stations and avoid those considered to be in primary location like in the middle of a busy city and at the airport. Such locations are also bound to have heavy traffic.

It might seem quite obvious but hiring early is not only convenient but it saves you almost a hundred dollars when you hire moths prior to travelling. Most people overlook this and think they will get a good deal either way. If you trip is a sure thing months before you travel then ensure to book early. The charges for cancellation are minimal compared to what you pay when you book late.

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