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What You Need To Know About Tanzania Safari Tour

By Kerri Stout

Tanzania is an east African country which boasts a wide variety of tourist attractions. It is home to the great Serengeti plains and mountain Kilimanjaro, which is the highest standalone mountain in Africa. Its peaceful nature and hospitable citizens makes any Tanzania safari tour worthwhile. When thinking of going for a safari in this wonderful country, it is usually prudent to conduct a research so as to know what to expect from the wide variety offered.

East Africa is the home to Kiswahili, a language resulting from the interaction of early Arabs and the Abantu people of the coast. It boasts a peaceful political climate as compared to other parts of Africa hence a favorite of many for tourism travels. With English quickly becoming the official business language of this country, it is even easier to communicate with the natives.

Some of the common asked questions is how rugged a camping safari can be and how the service provider will choose lodges and tented camps. Camping safari, which is usually considered low cost, involves guests and staff sleeping in private tents in designated campsites in or near national parks. Depending on your budget, you will be able to find appropriate lodge arrangements.

A well planned visit to east Africa does not end without trying out the delicious meals it offers. Staple foods found throughout Tanzania include ugali (made from maize flour, chapati(made from wheat flour) and nyama choma(barbecue. Tour companies have cooks who are qualified to cook delicious meals, giving you an experience of African hospitality and culinary prowess.

During lodge safaris and day trips, you will be accompanies by a trained wildlife guide. Understanding that the guide will in a large scale determine your experience, ensure you ask a number of questions before first. You need to be sure that you get a guide who is fluent in your language of preference and also understands the terrain.

Photography is a key aspect of any safari expedition. You want to keep the memories alive, then you need to have a good camera. Most expedition vehicles have inverters that will enable you to charge your camera batteries. The amount of film you wish to carry depends on your passion of photography. Keep in mind that Tanzania uses 220 volt of electricity, hence you may be required to bring along necessary plug adapters and converters.

Apart from the popular game drives, cultural tourism is another star attraction that this country offers. One of these tribes is the popular Maasai, who are also found in Kenya. With an excellent itinerary, you should be able to find time and experienced the way of life of these native tribes and participate in cultural exchanges.

There is practically many breathtaking places you can visit in this East African country. To ensure you maximize your stay, ensure you plan well and select a company which will develop an itinerary that suits your expectations. Before settling on any company, make sure you read reviews written about it by past clients.

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