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How To Canoe Harpeth River

By Kerri Stout

Here a small boat that uses paddles to maneuver through water is used. It was a key means of transportation in water but has since been replaced. Today its place is in the world of sports and leisure. It can be used in water competitions which is in the category of sports. If in need of an adventurous activity, plan to canoe Harpeth River.

When you have all the right equipment for this activity, you are definitely off to a good start. You can use your own canoe or rent one. While canoeing, you can get a view of historical sites. Not only that but also wildlife. The nature around this place can be described as breathtaking. People who love adventure lack words to capture this beauty.

Much must be considered when planning to purchase a canoe. To start with, consider your intention. That is if you need one for sporting activities or for recreation. These boats are made for particular water bodies and not for others. The number of people that can be carried is at times limited. When renting, you should consider the amount of time you intend to have it.

To ensure your safety while in water, you should be careful while loading. This is because it affects your movement in water. There should not be excess weight upfront as paddling will be harder. If there is less weight it will barely capsize. Loading ought be done when the boat has been placed in water. It must be held from one side and items put in the middle.

You should only move when you have to. Such a small vessel can easily overturn. Always make sure weight on each side is even. If your belongings slip into water chose a smart method to get them. You could bring them closer with a paddle or move towards it with your boat. Reaching for it could make the boat turn.

There are a couple of requirements needed for this trip. An obvious one is a paddle. They are used for propulsion and can also act as brakes. One should choose a paddle of appropriate length. The length depends on the type of paddling you intend to do. The height and size of a person should also be considered. It is important to have an extra paddle in case of an emergency.

An important requirement is a floating device. It functions to keep you afloat and also enables you to swim. Everyone should have one. If you plan to go without one you may not be allowed to participate. They should fit well and be worn right. A person trying out this activity for the first time should have a wet suit on. This is because they are bound to get wet.

The rules that have been set do not come close to being difficult. One should always dress according to the occasion, which here is to get wet! A legal document, a liability waiver, is signed. This puts into perspective the risks involved in this activity. Everyone must be responsible for what they bring with them. Always put having fun as a priority.

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