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The Best Camping In Colorado

By Ines Flores

Spending a vacation roughing it in the woods or in any other wilderness area is an adventure that appeals to much of the American population. Some people camp out in tents while others bring trailers or have camper shells installed on their pickups. Regardless of your chosen method of habitat you can find some of this country's best camping in Colorado.

Regardless of when you decide to visit this state you will find sites designed to accommodate campers. Most camp grounds are open all year and have activities scheduled for each season. You will find swimming pools and picnic areas available for summer months and open pits for bonfires for the coldest months. You can also reserve a cabin in some of the locations and enjoy the fireplace and warmth of multiple comforters at bed time.

A little research will acquaint you with the different areas of this state and the attractions each area has to offer for campers. The high dessert area can offer equestrian tours into the desert with views of the Arapaho National Forest. You might also enjoy cross country skiing in the winter months or hiking into the canyons and mountains. In other areas you can visit archaeological digs or dinosaur and fossil tours.

The rivers that flow through this state carve spectacular canyons that display eons of history in the layers of soil they expose. These same rivers offer opportunities for various water sports such as white water rafting or fishing. The calmer areas of the rivers offer kayaking, slower rafting cruises down the river banks with picnics on the beaches.

With ample mountains, lakes and rivers available you will find no shortage of places to camp in Colorado. They boast of over thirty five hundred sites for campers to stop. Most offer views of surrounding sights like the Rocky Mountains, Mount Evans or deeply carved canyons with multiple colored spires rising to the skies. The Gunnison River boasts over ninety miles of pristine sandy beaches for visitor enjoyment.

Many camp grounds offer a more urban atmosphere by providing community rooms and common areas that offer picnic and bar b ques areas. The community rooms may supply a complete kitchen for those who want to feed more than a few people. Showers and laundry facilities are also available at these sites for use by guests. Many are located within thirty miles of shopping areas where guests can shop or enjoy an evening out on the town. These sites usually offer discounted rates for long term guests with reasonable weekly rates to accommodate the campers.

While touring the wild lands that have camp areas available you can schedule guided tours of cabins belonging to early American legends who lived here. Wild Bill McKinney's cabin is one site and the location of one of Quantrill's Raiders hideouts is another historic site available for touring. There are also tours of the remnants of the original Santa Fe Trail that brought settlers to the wild west for homesteading ranches and farms.

This area is almost entirely pet friendly and many sites offer doggy day care while you are off exploring the area. Having the opportunity to spend quality time with your family while vacationing in an area that welcomes families and pets may allow you and your family time to bond and become closer than you can imagine.

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