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An Article On Kentucky White Tail Deer Hunting

By Marci Nielsen

Whoever laid it down that one cannot teach old tricks to a new dog was quite mistaken. Even the most skilled hunters need to be updated on the latest hunting techniques. They need to think outside the box so as to broaden their perspective on their deer hunting knowledge. Many hunters have had to learn the hard way through trial and error methods but why go through all the trouble while there is so much information on the internet. In relation to this, the following is information on Kentucky white tail deer hunting.

Being able to speak the deer language puts one in a better position to be able to draw them nearer and hunt them. This includes the use of grunt tubes, rattle sounds among others. At other times hunters prefer to use decoy deers. These are placed in the field and are really helpful in drawing other deers closer.

There are hunters who love hunting in the woods while there are those who only hunt them in open areas. This is due to the fact that the former can be quite a challenge especially if one has not mastered their trails. One should however hunt them during the early mornings and when the sun is setting as these are the times when they come out of the woods in search of food and water.

Among other tools, having a trail camera is one of the important things to consider especially among hunters in Kentucky. These have a wide array of uses and there are many types, all with different prices and quality. Once installed on the land, they monitor the piece of land without causing any form of disturbance whatsoever to other wildlife. They also take record of deers as they grow. In addition to that, they take count of seers hence the hunter is able to estimate the number of deers on his farm.

Some hunters, especially those who are new to this field, love taking shortcuts when it comes to hunting. This is usually in the form of baiting as it draws deers closer making the hunter to have an easy time in the field. Others however, especially the seniors, consider this ethically wrong as they prefer to do it the old fashioned way. To back them up, in most cases, there are solid state laws to back them up.

In the competitive hunting world, land owners and hunters are looking for all the means and ways of maintaining a good population on their piece of land. Deer attractants will stop whitetail deer families from moving to other lands in search of better nutrients and water. This includes having natural food plots, salt licks and mineral blocks among others.

Hiding human scent is one of the most crucial steps to take so as to have a successful hunt. Whitetail deers have a very powerful odor nose such that they can easily detect a foreign scent. It is important to wash hunting clothes in scent free detergent.

Scent free detergent, bathing soap and cologne should always be used before a hunt. All equipment is also supposed to be free of human scent in order to avoid attracting attention from the animals.

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