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Considerations To Be Made When Planning For LDS Family Reunions

By Marci Nielsen

The idea of a family reunion has been in existence for a very long time. People are growing apart especially this age of technology. Most times its value is not felt. Reasons for people showing up for such events differ but it is good to know the importance of having it. Results that come with it are always positive as it insists on togetherness. For LDS family reunions to successfully take place, a plan must be made. Baring in mind the many factors that are crucial for it to actualize.

Organizing is among the main components that will make the reunion a success. Without a proper laid out plan the majority due to poor organization may not feel the essence. A chairperson is selected in order to have one head leading the entire team. This will make any sort of planning effective since they will be relaying the information to all the members.

The choice of time is a factor that will be crucial if the reunion should occur. Most of the time they fail to take place due to wrong timing and not because people did not want to show up. The appropriate time is when members are able to show up, could be during the holiday seasons. The best option could be to assign the same date every year to avoid absenteeism.

Choice of venue should consider all the members proximity to avoid attendance problems. Choosing a place that is far away may be costly and time consuming since the planning process will be derailed. Depending with the theme it may be held indoors or outdoors. There should always be a back up plan just in case the weather gets a little unfriendly.

An activity that catches the eye is what should be the focus. They should be organized in a manner that every single person will participate and enjoy it to the fullest. Putting information about the interesting activities taking place will inspire many to honor the invite. In case of theme selection such as heritage, deciding to go as per the favorite song and dances will be a good idea.

The uniqueness of the invitation is what will sell the reunion. For the members to be present as a full house, it requires sacrifice of resources in order to make invite cards. They decide to show up just because the invite was inviting and catchy with a picture of a previous one. This will appeal emotionally to them.

With equipment the list of what is requires should be taken seriously because, that day is mainly meant to have fun. This equipment may include microphones, cameras, film projectors and even voice recorder. The occasion may not be interesting without them. For the children, selected games may be put up just to keep them busy and enjoying themselves altogether.

When the reunion day finally arrives, it is important not to forget that what is required is just having fun. That is why ball games are greatly recommended, these games are often seen as interesting and the attention that it gets will allow fresh family members to interact freely with the rest.

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