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First Time Pointers Of Balloon Rides Colorado

By Mattie Knight

There is nothing quite memorable like an early morning hot air balloon ride. Looking towards the horizon, the sun is rising and displaying its bright orange rays. Looking down you see the majestic scenery below that will astound you. If you are planning to board a hot air balloon, prepare yourself psychologically and enjoy balloon rides Colorado. The experience is nice and one that will not be easily forgotten. The journey is smooth and gentle. It has no turbulence. Winter Park, CO, has some of the best scenery. Below are some hints on what to expect.

The cost of a flight is usually dependent on the type that you book. Public packages are usually cheaper than private ones. For public, expect to pay about two hundred to three hundred dollars per person. Private booking may cost you anything between seven fifty to eight hundred dollars. The cabin crew expects some gratuity after the excursion. So do not be stingy and tip your pilot.

The weather affects the dates, time and scheduling. The flight cannot take place if there is bad weather. Rain and windy conditions interfere with the working of this balloon. This will cause a number of delays and cancellation of excursions regularly. Do not be frustrated as this is unavoidable. Be in constant communication with the company you booked.

The basket size is usually small. There are two types of flights, private and public. Private ones are subject to which package is booked. Public ones usually hold ten to twelve passengers depending on weight. This is exclusive of the pilot. The flight may seem crowded. The basket offers only standing room. There is no sitting in the balloon. For this reason, wear a good pair of comfortable shoes.

Choose what you are going to wear carefully. The burners and flames, inflating the balloon, make the whole basket hot. Due to this, make sure to wear something light. You do not want to start undressing in front of kids or pass out from the heat. The ride should be an enjoyable one.

The actual launch from the ground is surprisingly calm, gentle and graceful. It normally feels like you are slowly floating off the ground as in an elevator. Passengers must be safely onboard before the launch is initiated. A pilot, mainly controls takeoff and the landing, is in charge of the flight. The balloon is dependent on the wind direction. You can walk comfortably inside. Make sure your cameras and phones are strapped to either your wrist or neck. This is to limit losses.

Unlike takeoff, which is smooth and uneventful, landing is the opposite. It is not exactly given where and how the landing will be. Listen to the instructions of the pilot and follow them. The balloon falls horizontally and is stopped by the ground. You might fall onto one another so if you have kids on board put them at the front so that they are not stamped on.

Upon returning safely back to the ground, the excursion is celebrated with a champagne toast. This has long been the standing tradition. The ride is worth every penny paid for. Capture as much as you can on camera.

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