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Upgrade The Security Of Your Business With RFID Key Cards

By Brenda Warner

The latest in locking technology is on the market and quickly becoming the standard among the industry. Hotel chains especially have benefited from this new technology and reaping the rewards of it. That technology is the use of RFID key cards, a new type of locking system for businesses that provides a higher level of security.

RFID or radio frequency identification is on the rise among hotel chains and other business types that employ this technology. It is unlike magnetic strip or computer chip cards which are slowly becoming obsolete. RFID locking systems have many advantages over their predecessors.

One of the primary advantages is that it offers greater security to hotel guests and others in business that need to make sure that their premises are safe and secure from illegal entry. This system uses radio frequency identification to lock and unlock doors or other mechanisms. The card is programmed to control the locking system when it is placed in proximity to it. There is no need to swipe or place the card within the locking system itself, it just has to be near it to read it.

If the frequency matches the card, the door will unlock, if it does not match, the door remains secure. In this way with keyless entry such as this, the card never has to be swiped or read by coming into physical contact with the lock which saves on having to replace cards due to it being unreadable such as with the magnetic strip or computer chip.

Hotel guests can go about their day away knowing that their room is secure from unwanted entry. It gives guests peace of mind and the hotel possibly gains a lifetime customer. The idea of keyless entry has the benefit of amazing the hotel guests. It is the latest technology and people like the idea of being the first to experience new technologies.

As more and more businesses like hotels upgrade their locking systems, they are turning to RFID technologies. Pretty soon, this will be the standard among many hotel chains. Right now, as this system is gaining acceptance, not only for the financial benefit but for the betterment of security within a business, many will find that it just may be the only solution to keyless entry.

Businesses are benefiting in a big way as they use this method to save money, time and maintenance costs. There is very little maintenance with keyless entry because the locks are not touched with human hands or by any standard keyed entry method. In this way, a company can save money, and the cost of replacing locks becomes obsolete.

As more locking systems become obsolete in favor of RFID technology, business and society will reap the benefits of a more secure world compared to the past. However, technology is always changing and developing bigger and better things. Who knows what the future of security will be, but for now, RFID is catching fire and providing more security than in the past. This technology makes our world a better place to live and work.

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