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Changing A Military CB Antenna

By Mattie Knight

Changing the functions of this thing is something which you need to do with extreme caution. If not, you can damage the radio as well and you cannot get a replacement for that. This is why it is important that for you to familiarize with the process and stick with it even if you have always wanted to explore.

You should not paint this item just for fun. A military CB antenna is meant to look professional since your superiors are bound to check it. Thus, stick with what your colleagues have done and you can even ask for their help if you are really having difficulty dealing with yours.

Do not tighten the set up that much. Yes, it is perfectly understandable that you are worried about the position of this thing but you can always have fasteners to complete the set up. That would prevent the base from cracking up and leading you to buy a new one. Also, use a torque wrench in this task for your safety.

Only let a screwdriver remove the lid from the bottom. With the lid out of the way, you can already search for the cable. Thus, simply take your time and be certain that the cables have not been exposed beforehand since that can cause a friction between you and these objects which can be very dangerous.

Twist the number five capacitor from the right of the cable. Everything you extract has a connection. If you cannot find any nub on what you are holding right now, you got the wrong line. So, do not be afraid to try again and do not stop until you have accomplished what your colleagues have done for themselves.

Have the right length of cable to connect the antenna and the CB. Do not skim on this one so that you would not go to the store once again. Moreover, wear protective glove since this is the part where in a fitting task would be done. That involved heat with some of the parts and you really have to protect yourself.

Do not leave your station if there is still a gap between the cable and its respective destination. Mounting this thing is important too. Do not mix metal materials in one platform since that can really disrupt the reception that you shall be receiving. This can result to an accident that your headquarters will know nothing about. You might not get back in one piece.

Let a SWR meter be the judge of the progress which you have made. If you did not meet the work, you possess no choice but to retrace your steps. However, be aware of your exact mistake for you to get it right for the second time.

Close the cover once you pass the meter. Prevent the wires from being exposed by tightening the screws. You can even put a protective tape on the lid for you to have a smooth ride and get back to the people you love at home.

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