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Emerging Concerns About Fleur De Lis New Orleans

By Brenda Warner

During the colonial times, there was rapid migration of slaves from different countries. These slaves acted as workers for the rich men and prisoners who underwent torture. Furthermore, there was a big distinction between black and white people hence the origin of racism. Racists used fleur de lis to mark slaves while political leaders used it as a national symbol. It is therefore important to redefine fleur de lis New Orleans because it garnered many uses over the years.

Politically, this image shows up on flags of European nations to stand for power and success. Politics determines the election of leaders within a country. For instance, the court system may incline towards using it to portray equity and value. These applications depict inspiration amongst nationals and the legislature of countries. It likewise depicts the government in nations ruled by monarchy and this includes the passage of power to younger generations.

Art enthusiasts grasp it inside of their innovative expressions to delineate different things. These bits of art may transpire as painting, shapes and photographic images. Modernization improved art as a financial endeavor by providing revenue to artists. Depictions containing this symbol exist within galleries on this planet. Those who love this creative activity travel and spend time visiting art exhibitions.

The fleur symbol also exists in emblems of most religious associations to depict unity in spirituality. According to theology, spirituality unites believers and helps them during their interaction with a supernatural being. Christianity is a very good example of spiritual beliefs that utilizes the bible and churches for worship. A religious symbol guides believers during worship, prayer and thanksgiving. It also represents sanctification and blessing that are important in the life of a believer.

Social and political debates concerning this image are dominant in the society as controversy arises. Individuals link the fleur de lis to racism that existed during the colonial era. Countries received their independence after colonialists withdrew power and migrated from these jurisdictions. The role of independence is to mitigate political unrest and champion the formation of new laws. Amidst these debates, people lack the proper solution to this impediment.

In the past, political theories explained the causes and mitigation of racial discrimination among other societal problems. Modern political scientists utilize this ancient knowledge to educate leaders and the public. Most ancient people went through imprisonment, death and torture whenever they opposed racism. The government compensated survivors of such ordeals as they harnessed peace and harmony.

Modern researchers have come up with a solution to this controversial issue. These learned individuals work hand in hand with the government to provide solution to other emerging issues such as corruption and employment. The outcome is a decrease in the number of criminal rates and economic development because all these outcomes relate to sustainability that focuses on the future.

As indicated by religion, the book of scriptures suggests that all living creatures resemble their maker. In this case, a supreme being took six days to create the earth and man. It likewise suggests that human beings have power over natural resources. Individuals can use this hypothetical information to create spiritual awareness and positivity hence mitigating discrimination. In addition, we should embrace these political symbols with peace to avoid facing penalties by the law.

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