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11 East Coast Attractions That You Cannot Miss!

By Joseph Tranturder

There will most likely be at least a couple times that you will have to travel for your work. Here are some key things that you need to think about if you are traveling.

A Word of Caution No, I'm not talking about one star hotels just yet. Rather, it's important to realize that there is no, one single scale that determines what stars which hotels get. Stars are given my hundreds of different organizations based on many different standards. The difference between Europe's 4-star system and America's 5-star system is just the beginning.

So as you read these descriptions of the different star hotels, keep in mind that these are generalizations. Use these stars as a beginning guideline, but if you really care about what services you will be getting at a particular hotel, ask them directly. Ok? Great.

Make sure you bring earphones, earplugs, and anything else you need to kill the noise. Nutrition matters

This is especially true if you are going for a long distance flight. You may be tempted to eat that burger or go for some heavy spaghetti, but you will regret it when the jet lag hits and your stomach is reeling.

Make sure you are eating foods that are going to keep you awake and alert when you need to be. Fruits, salads, and fruit drinks are always a good idea. Don't overdo it on the sodas as this can cause stomach problems as well.

Keep it clean You may be too tired to shave, to wash your face, or do anything else, but you will be surprised at what it does for your attitude. Don't forget to bring hand sanitizer.

3 Star Hotels Also very nice and comfortable, 3 star hotels also provide room service, concierge service, fitness rooms, pools, on-site restaurants, and convenient locations. They are clean and well decorated, but lack the fine elegance you would find in 5 or 4 star hotels.

2 Star Hotels As we get down into the 2 star range, you'll see fewer services, but still comfortable and clean rooms. You'll rarely if ever see room service, but many 2 star hotels still have an on-site restaurant. Rooms will be medium to small sized with basic amenities like a TV, phone, and hair dryer, but not much else unless specified.

Beating jet lag It is time to play a trick on your body and it all has to do with effectively using your time before you get to the time zone of your destination. It's all about the food and light.

You need to trick your body into thinking that it is night time and that means that you eat less if it is night time in the area where you are going. It also means that you turn off the lights and try and get some sleep.

Look local This is for security purposes as well as entertainment. You want people to think that you are local so they don't take advantage of you. Make sure you are doing all you can to keep yourself healthy and happy on a business trip.

It may not be leisure but it can still be relaxing and shouldn't cause stress, sickness, or fatigue. It's the little things that can make a business trip enjoyable.

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