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Equestrian Clothing In The Musto Zara Phillips Collection

By Arline Bradley

Through the years, the horse has proved to be one of the most helpful domestic animal known to man. If dogs are used for hunting wild animals, horses have been used for transportation services. They are also used to control a herd. They are even used by police force in pursuit of a criminal back when police cars were not yet available.

In the latter day setting, horses are now bred for its appearance. Superior pedigree quadrupeds are up for the admiration of a swooning crowd during horse dressage. Horses are also trained for the Olympics and other prestigious competitions. An equine usually undergoes training along with its rider or handler. The person who rides a horse is an equestrian. He uses special accessories while working with this type of beast. These quality accessories are included in the musto zara phillips equestrian collection.

Zara Phillips is the first member of the royal family to appear in endorsements. She was born on the twenty seventh of July, year 1981 to parents Princess Anne and Captain Phillips. She is the second eldest grandchild of the queen of the British monarchy. In 2011 she married Mike Tindall, former rugby player. Just January of this year she became a mother to a baby girl, Mia Grace.

Zara Phillips has followed in the footsteps of her parents and went on to become a very accomplished equestrian. Though horseback riding has always been attributed as the sport of the royalty, she pursued further and even played in the Olympics along with champion horses Toytown and High Kingdom.

Her love for horses has led her to become the product ambassador for a famous outdoor clothing line in the United Kingdom. Musto Clothing is one of the most established clothing stores around the world. It boasts of superior quality sports wear that is especially designed to withstand the active lifestyle of a sports enthusiast.

The company started with the vision of an extraordinary sportsman named Keith Musto. He is a champion sailor who devoted most of his time on the big blue. During his time sailors did not have special clothing, they traveled wearing sweaters and old pants. Once, during a trip, he had decided he had enough of getting wet all the time while on board a sailboat. He then decided to talk to manufacturers about how to improve the ensembles used by sailors.

From its humble shop in Essex, there are hundreds of Musto shops all over England and in other parts of the world. It specialized in sailing clothes for a while before venturing off to other sports. Now it houses complete collection for sailing, shooting and equestrian clothing.

The partnership with Phillips has been nothing but success for the two parties. With thorough brainstorming and planning, they have come up with beautiful designs for the equestrian collection. The goal is to provide support for the rider while still managing to look good while working with his horse.

Items such as shirts, tops, fleeces and jackets are all available as part of the collection. They are sold in all store branches at reasonable pricing. You may visit one near you or check out their products online.

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