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Tips For Car Rentals In Miami

By Marci Glover

A good number of travelers live under the misconception that car rental prices are the same and window shopping is a total waste of time. But rates do vary and sometimes by very big margins between companies and also destinations. Another truth is that auto rental companies usually reward people who give them easy time and penalize those who do not know the truth. What follows are helpful tips for car rentals in Miami.

Sometimes it is usually advisable to skip the big boys. As opposed to well established rental companies, the small companies are still looking to attract customers. As such, most of them usually lower their prices as a way of attracting new customers and also retaining those already on-board.

If possible, you should rent from a non airport location. Picking up rental car from the airport is likely to cost you more due to taxes and other fees. In fact, the difference is usually around ten percent of the total rental cost. So, it makes sense to rent elsewhere even if it requires a short taxi ride.

You should also try to make reservations early. It is not just a cliche that early bird catches the worm. It does and usually gets the worm at a much reduced price. In most companies, rates usually depend on the number of cars the company still has on the parking lot and the rental time, so the earlier the better. Ensure you reserve you car at least two weeks in advance.

Car rental rates are never constant. They vary depending on demand. Because of this, continuous window shopping is crucial. It will enable you spot better deal. And remember that you are free to cancel your reservation up to the last minute and you will still get full refund. So if you find a better deal, you should not hesitate to grab it even if you have made reservation with another firm.

If your date of travel is a little bit flexible, you should avoid traveling within week days or towards end of the month. The demand for cars at these times is usually very high. This will in turn increase the rental charges.

It is very risky to rent a car without insurance cover. Should anything like accident happen, you will be held responsible. In order to avoid this, ensure the vehicle is adequately insured before renting. At the same time, it is also important that you avoid duplicating coverage that you already have. This will add on to the rental cost for no good reason.

If your hotel also offer car rental services, this will be a cheaper and more reliable option that you should not let go. You can also join a club especially if you rent cars regularly. Club members usually have some perks and privileges that other people do not enjoy.

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