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An Overview Of Extension Ladders

By Minnie Whitley

Ladders are an essential part of our lives. Especially to workers who work in companies that offer services such as painting, roof installation or any that requires a climbing aid such as a ladder. There are various types of ladders, one of them being extension ladders.

From its name, we can draw that it is a type of ladder that extends obviously more than the normal types of these. In other terms, the ladder is able to cover up to twice the normal length of any ladder. This is achieved by joining together two designs of the same length hence coming up with one single ladder. Depending on the height required, they can even be a combination of up to three designs of the same length.

An extension ladder is made in such a way that one ladder can slide up the other so as to extend its length. By doing this, it can be realized that the ladder will not be able to attain double its length as expected but will only be a few feet short of the expected length. This is because of the overlapping that comes about when they are being fixed together. However, it would be easy for the ladder to reach the point you wish it to reach and even pass it by a few feet.

They can be divided into two depending on their size; a large extension ladder and a small extension ladder. The latter can be extended by pulling while the former can be extended using the rope loops that come with it. As a user of an extension ladder, it is very crucial to ensure that the ladder is secure which can be achieved by fastening the stay looks using your hands or an appropriate tool. The ladder should also be placed at a firm base for it to be stable.

Fibre glass, aluminum and steel are the main materials used to manufacture them. Manufacturers ensure variety by producing them in different shades and colors. An extension ladder is able to sustain 370 lbs., which is also dependent on the model. Apart from the extension ladder, there exists other models such as the foldable or telescopic type.

In most cases, they are fitted with different accessories that make it easier for users to reach specific points. For instance pole chains are fitted to and are used to reach a pole while a rope and pulley type are normally used to reach very high points. Extended designs also come with roof hooks, hooks, bucket hangers, and tool holders for job suitability. Those that have an equipment which levels it automatically is suitable for frequent users.

People using them are advised to stand at least two steps from the top because it is not safe to stand on the top. This type of ladder is quite convenient because it can be stored in a basement or garage and it can also be folded for traveling purposes. Home owners usually use this type of ladder for making tree houses, cleaning gutters, painting, washing windows and many more.

From all these it can be concluded that these are the best when it comes to work that pertains reaching a higher ground. And furthermore they can be easily be found at any outdoor equipment dealer or be ordered online.

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