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Buy Non GMO Seeds Online For Better Health

By Marci Glover

There are many corporate companies which exist that want to monopolize the food industry. GMO stands for genetically modified organism. Many people buy non GMO seeds online for many reasons. Some may say they have succeeded, but people are becoming more aware every day.

These companies take over the agriculture industry by changing the genetic material of food products such as plants and even animals that people eat. They change the DNA to have a higher yield of crops, which in turn provides them with more profit because people do not know the difference.

Some might say this is good because they are producing more food for people to eat. However, when scientists tamper with the genetic code of fruits, vegetables, and the animals we are consuming they are risking the health of the people.

Although there has not been any human trials involving genetically modified organisms, scientists have tested these plants out on animals such as rats. There were two groups of rats, where one group was fed natural soy and the other group was fed modified soy. Only nice percent of the rats died within three weeks that were fed natural soy, whereas fifty percent of the rats fed the changed soy died before three weeks.

It is difficult nowadays to find food in the stores that has not been tampered with in some way to increase profits. The problem for corporations and companies with natural foods is that they expire quickly because there are no pesticides or preservatives. Although it is bad for the companies, it is very good for humans because foreign chemicals are not good for the body.

People who are against these unnatural types of pods argue that it changes the DNA of the bacteria inside the human digestive system. This is bad because the bacteria inside of peoples bodies will become unpredictable and possibly produce pesticides and other types of unwanted chemicals.

Luckily, there are many websites on the internet where people can go to buy natural pods to plant in their own yard! Natural pods are guaranteed to be natural and healthy the way plants were intended to be consumed. There is no argument that fruits and vegetables are vital for a long healthy life. Planting the kernels in a persons own yard insures they know exactly what they are eating.

The kernels sold online can be purchased in many different amounts. People buy in bulk and store them for later use. There are also those who just want to plant a few pips and see what happens. The kernels will last almost indefinitely if stored properly. They should be kept in a cool, dry place for longest shelf life. There is even a seed bank that freezes the pips in case of emergency.

People looking to buy natural seeds online can find them through a simple key word search through a search engine online. Make sure to include the word natural, or non GMO because we do not want to be purchasing modified seeds by accident. If that happened, there would not be much of a point in buying seeds for personal use. Regardless, everyone wanting to live a healthier life will love planting their own food.

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