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What To Look For In Mongolian Tours

By Marci Glover

Planning a vacation is always fun. For most people it is the highlight of their year and they have to save carefully all year to make their dreams come true. In recent years non traditional vacations have become very popular. For people who are looking for something more exciting that sitting on the beach and sipping cocktails there are some truly outstanding new destinations to choose from.

One of the top picks for adventurous travelers is the far east. The mystical romance and stunning landscapes provide a delight for all the senses. Mongolian tours are fast becoming one of the most sought after travel packages for anyone looking for a really special destination. There are now several reputable companies running regular summer package deals to this amazing country.

Anyone thinking of visiting this diverse and amazing country should be prepared to do their homework. There really is a lot to know before arriving. Understanding the customs and structure of the nation is a really big help. Travelling with an experienced and knowledgeable guide is also a must. They will take their guests to all the best places and make sure they have a memorable holiday for all the right reasons.

The best times to visit are between May and October. The winter weather is very harsh with sub zero temperatures for much of the time combined with frequent snow storms. Even in the summer months the temperatures do not get too high and in the mountains it can remain quite chilly. Packing for the weather is essential and good water proof clothing will really be needed. Those planning on getting off the beaten path will need a pair of sturdy walking boots and a good back pack.

One of the most popular months to visit Mongolia is July. This is not only for the best weather but also the world famous Naadam Festival. The main festival takes place in Ulaanbaatar, but there are other smaller versions throughout the countryside. This is a once in a life time opportunity to see traditional sports such as wrestling, archery and horse back riding.

The skilled nomadic people love to compete in ways that test their skill and courage. Even the young boys take part in fast and exciting horse races. There is also the chance to watch traditional dances and enjoy some interesting foods. The music may sound unusual to Western ears but it really is a reflection of the fascinating history of the country.

The scenery is another reason to visit Mongolia. There are so many places to see and things to do having a well planned itinerary is essential. Lake Khovsgo is one of the major attractions. It is one of the most peaceful and naturally stunning sites in the world. The lake is surrounded by majestic mountain ranges, with grassy plains and a myriad of plant and animal life.

Food in Mongolia is very different to the west. Many dishes use fermented goat milk. Meat is an important part of the diet and often includes goat and sheep. It is customary to offer visitors food and considered unacceptable to decline. Travellers should be aware of this follow the local etiquette.

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