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Queens Charlotte Islands Accommodations For Tourists

By Minnie Whitley

An extended vacation is something to look forward to with great anticipation. Many people only get the opportunity to enjoy trips out of country as a tourist once in their lives. For this reason they plan well ahead of time where they will travel to, how they get there, what they will do once there and where they should stay while enjoying their stay. The Queens Charlotte Islands accommodations make it a destination of choice for thousands of tourists every year.

Located on the Western coast of British Columbia this group of over one hundred thirty islands offers a multitude of different types of housing for visitors. The choices can range from camping at a free camp site to renting a vacation residence for a monthly rate determined by the home owner. The larger the city or village the more choices you will have when deciding where to stay.

If you choose to stay in one of the many hotels in this area you can expect it to rival any luxury hotel experience you have had. There are elegant dining rooms for diners and room service is always available. The gift shops are well stocked with clothing and gifts for loved ones back home. Free internet service is available in every room and satellite television is also free. Many motels have units with kitchenettes for those who prefer to prepare their own food.

Hotels normally offer concierge service for their guests that will assist with their daily needs. This service can help by advising you of interesting landmarks around the city or with booking a tour or chartering a boat for the day. If you cannot find what you are looking for in their gift shop they will happily direct you to a shopping area where you will have a wider selection to choose from.

Most bed and breakfast sites are located near the beaches and guests enjoy free access to them at all times. Although most hosts spend their time after breakfast cleaning and preparing for new guests, current guests have free access to their rooms and the surrounding property. The hosts are also an important resource for local information regarding tours, sightseeing and water sports.

There are cottages and cabins available on these islands also. They offer more privacy for the guests who simply choose to relax while on vacation. There are vacation homes available also and they have monthly rates for their use. These homes are complete with everything you need to set up housekeeping for the entire time you are staying in the area.

There is one hostel available in the city for those who travel as inexpensively as possible. Another inexpensive way to visit is by taking advantage of camping areas available for visitors. Most camp sites have no fee attached to them and the camper is provided with a table, water and bathroom facilities. From the camp sites many people use the hiking trails provided for day use.

The businesses and inhabitants of this area have a very accommodating attitude regarding visitors to their villages and towns. Accommodations means so much more than a room to sleep in and they are more than willing to go out of their way to assist those who have chosen to spend their vacation with them. This attitude of helpfulness may be the one defining attribute that brings so many people back year after year to spend their vacations here.

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