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Going On South Dakota Pheasant Hunts

By Minnie Whitley

One of the most well loved hunting activities would be pheasant hunting because it is actually quite challenging and it can actually bring dinner to the table. Now if one is interested to go on South Dakota pheasant hunts, he has to make sure that he actually knows how to play the game well. Now if one is a beginner and does not really know much about the hunt, then here are tips that may help.

Now if one would really want to go for it, then he first has to do his homework on this kind of bird. The very first thing that he should know would be when the pheasants would come out from their homes. Now the two best times to hunt for this bird would either be really early in the morning like dawn or late in the afternoon like during the sunset.

Aside from the homework, the next thing that one has to do would be to make sure that all the equipment is intact. Now as a beginner, it is always best to use a twelve gauge shotgun because it is so easy to handle. Now if one would want a more powerful gun, then he can use a twenty gauge gun but do remember it is harder to use.

Now the next thing that he should do would be to prepare his hunting dog for the trip as this will be his only companion that will help him. First, the dog has to learn how to smell the pheasant as the dog will be the one who will spot the target. This way, the dog will be the one leading the hunter to the desired target.

Of course other than tracking down the bird, the dog has to know how to bring back the fowl that has already been shot. Now the dog of course has to get used to the smell of this kind of bird. Once the dog senses that the bird has been shot, it will be trained to retrieve it and bring it back.

Now the best places to look for pheasants would actually be near the streams because this is where they would mostly go to. Now if one cannot find any pheasants there, the he should try near the crop edges or anywhere near borders. These spots are the favorite hangouts of pheasants so one will most likely find one there.

Now one very important thing to remember is that these birds are very sensitive. Once they feel or hear danger approaching, they will run into hiding in a split second. It is for this reason that the hunter has to know how to lead them out into the open.

Now in order to do this, the first thing that one should do is to fire in the direction opposite from where the bird is. Upon hearing the gunshot, the fowl will flee from that direction. If the hunter knows which directions he fires in, he will eventually lead the pheasant out into an open spot where he can shoot the bird.

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