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Available Best Pocket Knife Sharpener

By Rosie Stafford

It becomes a bit of a challenge to get the best tool for sharpening your knife. This is because what one considers to be the best pocket knife sharpener is not necessarily perceived by others to be so. Where you are also sharpening your knife determines the equipment you are going to use, for example you will use different sharpeners at home where you have all the time and comfort and probably a different one in camping where you are in a hurry and the blade is blunt.

Lansky pocket knife sharpener. This small and cost friendly tool is quite effective, putting in mind that its small size makes it portable and you can carry it with you to whichever place. It has two sharpening grooves that are ceramic and carbide that helps in simple yet quick sharpening. The long pointed diamond rod helps in refining or polishing up serrations.

Diamond mini-sharp sharpener. It is a small whetstone diamond tool that is used for sharpening and can be carried about and removed when need to refine your blade arises. Its usage can be with water or even if dry. It comes in two types; the coarse one that is used when the blades require additional work and for finer touches the fine one comes handy. It has a low price that one is able to buy both and if urge raises one can add the extra fine one.

Smiths pocket mate multifunctional sharpeners. It has an almost unnoticeable portability due to its tiny and light weight nature. It has a carbide stage that work on those blades that for sure need a fresh edge, the ceramic stage consequently works on the polishing. The carbide stage is for use by straight edges only while the ceramic part can work both the serrated and straight edges.

Sharpening stone. They differ in variety and grades of grit. They are selected depending on the function and are cheap and found easily in most hardware. The most common are two sided with a rough and fine grit on either side. Sharpening usually starts with the rough side then proceeds to the finer grit so as to make the blade sharper.

Gerber Bear Grylls sharpener. This firm is highly and widely known for the production of their survival blades and still the quality of sharpeners they produce does not in any way frustrate. Its rubber handle provides an added performance as handling gets better even with oily or sweaty grips. The diamond coated rod like hones are perfect on sharpening of serrated blades.

Edgeware edge clutch knife sharpener. Compared to most sharpener it comes out among the cheapest. It is very simple to use and the unique V-shaped design which is at the bottom is helpful in mounting of sharpening equipment on whichever counter. Its comfort ability to hold is enhanced by the handle grip that is so soft making it easier while sharpening edges that are dull.

The amount you have at your disposal and the class that comes with your pocket knife is among the factors that will determine the choice of your sharpener as they come in differing types and prices. A sharpening tool of high quality will with no doubt offer a nice touch to your blade but it will also come with a higher price.

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