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A Smart Choice Of Hotel

By Rhea Frazier

Thinking of going to the borders of West Africa? Consider stopping by one of the finest cities around, Abuja. Abuja is Nigeria's capital city which serves as the humble cradle of the Nigerian political economy. With the stunning sceneries including the Abuja National Mosque, Skyline of Abuja and Zuma Rock, your eyes will definitely have something to feast on. This is regarded as the richest conurbation of Africa not due to its economic activity, but also its rich culture and ecology.

Before your holiday begins, you might need a nice accommodation where you can spend a wonderful night away. Finding the right digs around the city can sometimes be daunting especially if that is just your first time. However, there should always be a great one if you don't care about the actual amount you are made to splurge along the way. But if you need to be on a shoestring, might as well double your effort in tracking down an affordable hotel in Abuja Nigeria with a good ambience.

Cleanliness, aside from the price, is a priority. The hot deals over the Internet may not suit you well. Thus, it is necessary that you take time to browse through reviews for these can surely guide you.

Check-in hours normally differ from country to country. And since most hotels start accepting guests at around 3 p. M. Or 4 p. M., it might be wise for you to schedule your flight close to these hours in the afternoon. But if you arrive half past midnight, don't worry if you cannot exploit the room you pay for one-whole day considering that there is always a good chance for you to get breakfast on the house.

Amenities and facilities are vital for your stay. You might not be able to take a look at these personally while booking online, but you can always ask somebody about it through the online forums. Or, you can check the hotels' ratings and rankings through a trusted Nigerian hoteliers' association. You don't have to call it up. Its website can clearly give you an inkling.

It is best to book during the off-season. Stiff competition among hoteliers likely to happen during this time considering the potential drop of the number of visitors on vacation. If not, weekdays are ideal as well.

Compare prices for the same rooms from different hotels. At times, amenities and services affect the actual rates so you have to make sure of this through sending these hotels e-mail. Request a quotation so you can easily make a sensible decision.

Extravagant hotels can irrefutably give you a nice doze. But just because your money is only enough for a three-star hotel does not mean it is impossible for you to get the type of accommodation you like. As long as that is guaranteed bug-free and hygienic, then everything is completely fine.

Furthermore, you ought to inform them if you want a smoking or non smoking room. You don't want to be smothered by the suffocating fumes emitted by the smokers next door if you don't smoke, do you?

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