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Ultimate Fun In Red River Catfishing

By Marlene Blevins

Fishing is a favorite hobby for many people. It does not involve a lot of capital and can be great fun for the whole family. In addition it is not exhausting and leaves you relaxed. If you are looking for a new experience or challenge in fishing, Red River catfishing is the ultimate challenge.

Size and ability to fight characterize these fishes, hence it is not easy to find or catch them. They hold the world record for largest cats and do not have any rival world over. The average size for a normal cat is 15 pounds while the monsters can weigh anything above 40 pounds. The biggest blue ever caught was 143 pounds and 57 inches long.

The Red River spans about 885km in length starting in North Dakota while draining in Winnipeg. Red River and Cat fish are used synonymously. This happens because the river is world renown for the cats it harbors. Red river is always the first and best option with anything catfish.

More than 70 species of fish exist in this river. There are various catfish species that are fund in Red River including Channel, Northern Pike, Mooneye, Bullheads, Walleye and Sauger. The type of bait to use usually depends on what you prefer. Channels are opportunistic and will feed on just about anything that swims by. Bait to use includes shrimps, chicken liver, chicken gizzards.

To ensure that the bait stays in position, a sinker is used. To keep the knot safe from the sinker a bead or surgical tubing is used. To allow the bait to turn use a barrel swivel, it will turn into the right direction usually the currents direction. Remember to use a proper hook size that is determined by the size of fish being fished. To get many cats, the best time would be from midnight to 6 am.

The diet of catfishes is anything from small plants, to fish and their eggs and also minnows. They also love worms and leeches. Upon reaching adulthood, they can eat other fish usually bigger than those they fed on earlier. These fishes do not seem to mind eating dead matter and for this they are called opportunistic feeders. . Their preferred feeding time is in the dead of the night usually at the bottom of water hence are called bottom feeders.

Cats have strong smell sense and use their whiskers to find food. Night feeding is important to them because their prey is asleep. In addition, they can survive in polluted water with low oxygen. Their sense of taste and smell is top notch. The bait has just to be near the whiskers for them to sense it. Their sense of sight is excellent and can feel noise and vibrations in water.

When going fishing for cats, this is an exceptional and memorable experience. For the family, it is a time to bond and have fun. For corporations its a chance to make an impression to potential clients or investors. For whatever reason you go to fish, hire a boat and equipment instead of carrying your own.

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