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Florida Keys Best For Spearfishing

By Harriet Porter

Mankind will always be inspired by the beauty and extreme forces of nature. One of the most exhilarating outdoor activities man can embark upon, is spearfishing in Florida Keys. The natural beauty of the area, balmy climate and clear, turquoise waters not only attract drones of tourists and adventurers, but also marine creatures of all creeds and kinds. It is renowned as one of the best spearfishing destinations in the world.

The 120 mile long chain of keys provide a magnitude of hot spots for spearfishing. The warm waters and excellent water visibility are extra bonuses for divers who spend hours underwater in pursuit of their prey.

The only live coral reef in America is located to the south of Miami and is famous for its rich sea life. Some of the most relished game fish trophies can be found here, including some rare species. The area is popular among veteran scuba divers as well as rookie snorkelers and spear fishermen.

Although spearfishing is an ancient hunting technique, it is today still as popular and exciting as in primitive times when the only equipment consisted of a mere sharpened stick. Although modern technology changed the nature and method of the sport, the main attraction is still the adrenalin rush of stalking and hunting the elusive creatures in their natural habitat. The use of high-tech spear guns and scuba diving equipment just made the sport more exciting and competitive.

Spearfishing, like all other water sport, is not without risk and one should never throw caution to the wind when one is dealing with the ocean. The first rule is to never dive alone. Always go with a group or at least one reliable, skilled person whom you can depend on in times of trouble. Beautiful as they are, the Florida Keys are also home to various species of sharks who won't mind a bite of your catch. Another safety precaution is to always keep speared fish in a special game bag tied to a long nylon line and letting it trail behind you at a safe distance.

Spending hours in the sea in pursuit of dodgy prey requires good swimming skills as well as physical strength and fitness. Therefore it is important to practice regularly and to keep fit and strong.

Good advice is also to always carry a dive knife - it might just come in handy when you have to entangle yourself or a diving buddy and it is still the most humane way to kill a speared fish. Although one of the best aspects of the sport is to enjoy the freedom of the ocean, it is essential to invest in proper gear and to take good care of it. A spear gun that is not in working order can mean the difference between life and death. On the other hand, it is a deadly weapon and should only be loaded and fired underwater. Know your weapon and always handle it with caution.

Like in many popular spearfishing destinations, Florida Keys also has one or more companies providing extensive training and chartering services. Since spearfishing is a popular global sport, it is important to first acquaint yourself with new diving areas and the specific rules and regulations that apply there before you jump into the deep end!

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