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Why Sailing Around The World With Kids Is Dangerous

By Linda Ruiz

Sailing the world brings a lot of pleasure for people who love to travel. Sailing involves being exposed to nature for a long period of time and it may be pleasurable or even life threatening. Sailing around the world with kids is something that many people fear because it puts the children in a lot of danger. There are however some guideline that people can follow to make sure their children are safe when traveling.

The dangers of raising kids on a sail boat were highlighted a few months ago when a family of sailors called the emergency rescue after their youngest daughter who was one year old got really ill and the boat system malfunctioned. There some people who think that parents who raise children on a sail boat are crazy while others really love it.

There are many risks that come with the sail trips. For instance, the children may get sick when the boat is in a remote location with no modern facilities to get treated. There are also some sea storms that are very dangerous and they go through the risk of their boat capsizing. This activity is also very unfair to these children because they miss the many experiences that conventional kids undergo.

As much as this is not a life for everyone, some sailors seem to think that it is a life that may also include children. The risk that they are exposed to can be balanced with the remarkable experience and the skill that they learn when on these trips.

The sailing parents also believe that the conventional parents also get caught up between doing the things they love and taking care of their children. They believe that they know when the risk has become too much. Many people think that they are just being selfish because they lack the ability to give up their adventurous life for the sake of their children. The parents however say that their children are not inconveniently part of the trip but they are there because their parents wish to share the experience.

Childhood experiences have a lifelong impact on the behavior of a person and also their physical and mental health. The children who are raised this way rarely interact with other children thus they are likely to grow up as introverts. They are also usually home-schooled thus they miss out on many important things that other children experience.

Sailing with kids is with no doubt a remarkable adventure. It is however advisable that these parents always consider the risk they put these children in. If it is something they are sure they want to do, they can at least live on dry land until the kids are old enough to take the trip. Very little children get sick easily therefore it is not advisable to have them at sea.

It is important that these parents stop being selfish as this is something they choose themselves and they cannot know for sure if the children enjoy that kind of life. If the children are old enough they can have the power to choose if they want to take the risk or not.

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