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Sailing On A Boat From Panama To Colombia

By Harriet Porter

How about a three day nice and peaceful cruise through the tropical beaches as you travel on a boat from Panama to Colombia. And then get to take in the breath taking sites of the fortress city on Cartagena right after you pass through San Blas in Colombia on the two following days.

Have no worries over your safety. The horrific stories about the Gringo Trail are a thing of the past. So just relax and get ready for the trip of a lifetime while you venture into the open sea to Cartegina through two to three exciting days in the San Blas islands of Panama.

Do not miss this chance to have the time of your life. Amazing sceneries await you along with exhilarating activities such as snorkeling, swimming, sun bathing and even skinny dipping with your drunk buddies. Also, get to enjoy and appreciate the amazing culture of the Kuna Islanders.

The trip price will cover for the basics such as taxes, departure frees, water and food. Transportation costs are not included. Your captain will help you take care of all of the immigration hassles and before you know it, you will be on your way. You might also want to get your own snorkeling and fishing gear before you go. These will, however, be provided in the vessel. Make sure you have enough cash with you as well since there will be no ATMs off Panama City.

Depending on the captain, the meals are different from one boat to the next. The good news is that fresh sea food catches will make a huge part of meals. This will include crabs and delicious lobsters. In case you are a vegetarian, fear not, just let the captain know early and your needs will be catered for. You can also carry some beer and snacks just to keep things interesting.

There are quite a number of departure points in Panama and most leave from the San Blas islands by themselves. This should be costlier, but it should ensure less travel time to get to boats and a lot more sail time. Besides, sailing is what the trip is all about. So you must take a jeep from your hotel and leave from 5.30 am. This can be arranged by your hotel.

When you are finally on board, the captain handles stowing away your large luggage so keep a day pack and make sure you keep your essentials here. Captain payments and passports are collected on the vessel and the fee will vary from boat to boat depending on the operating cost of the captain. You will not see your passport until you are in Cartagena Hostel. So do not worry, this is normal procedure. This will be followed by a brief tour and some safety tips while on board.

Keep in mind though, these are anything but 5 star tours, so expect cramped up spaces and sharing beds with strangers and the least privacy possible. You will spend a great deal of your time with fellow passengers. Chores on a boat will also be done by the crew. So keep an open mind, stay well equipped and enjoy the cruise of your life.

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