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Getting The Right FAA Obstruction Lights

By Linda Ruiz

Aircrafts often have to fly into air spaces that may have really tall structures on them. This is especially true if they have to fly over city landscapes. As a result, there is a high possibility of them slamming into these structures especially when they are flying over terrain that the pilot may not be that familiar of. It is going to help though that there are warnings and signal that will tell them of the presence of such structures.

For these purpose, specific lighting fixtures are used. These are the FAA obstruction lights and they are specifically used to ensure that the entire expanse of the structure is going to be visible by the pilots that are operating these aircrafts. Thus, possible accidents and air mishaps are successfully avoided since these structures can now be easily avoided.

These are fixtures that are installed in aircrafts as well. It is to be noted that there are many instances when aircrafts will be flying in the same airspace in a single setting, if this happens, especially when it is at night. It might be hard for pilots to recognize that there are other aircraft flying nearby. To avoid slamming into each other, the presence of these lighting fixtures are necessary.

Buildings that are near the airports are also required to have these fixtures added to them. This is even true for those structures that are significantly shorter in height. This is because planes tend to fly significantly lower when they are about to land. So, there is a need for proper visibility of structures present in the area to avoid colliding into them accidentally, regardless of how short they are.

Collisions are always very high especially wen planes are flown at night. If there are possible collisions to structures when it is broad daylight, the higher are these risks when planes fly at night. With the addition of lights that can be seen ad recognized for, afar, pilots are given a good chance to get their bearings right to avoid slamming any part of the aircraft into these structures.

If you own a structure that is required to put up these kinds of lighting fixtures on it whether by daylight or by night, make sure that you will only used the right fixtures for this purpose. There are specific lighting fixtures that are approved by the authorities in your state for this purpose. It is best to actually make inquiries with the proper authorities so you will end up buying the right stuff.

They need to be bright enough too. One of the best features about these fixtures is that their light is very visible. This is especially true even when they are viewed from miles afar. So, make sure that you do check the actual brightness of the items that you are getting so you can trust that you will be able to get the ones most suitable for this purpose.

Always ism for those really good quality fixtures that you can find. Remember, they will be placed outside. They will be exposed outside. You would want them to be able to stay in good shape for a very long time. Thus, you are sure that they would stay in good shape for a long time and will not require you to have to actually get them replaced too often.

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