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Why Use Hotel Key Card Sleeves?

By Harriet Porter

Cards that use bar codes are being adopted to ensure security as opposed to the traditional lock and key method used initially, this new method as proven to be more convenient and reliable to both the customers and the hosts in terms of security. Being scratched and broken are the some of the problems that the slips face especially when kept with rough items like coins and keys common with many customers. In the attempt to curb these problems Hotel key card sleeves have been devised to ensure that the cards are well kept to maintain their functionality.

Velvet, paper, synthetic, plastic and denim are the range of materials that are used to make the protective wallets. These materials are dynamically made to accommodate all the conditions that the slips have to go through when being used by the customers. Due to the fact that they can protect the slips from breaking, the heavy and thick materials are more suitable and considered to be better than the rest.

The wallets can accommodate any type of slip since the size is universal; they are made to be able to fit all the slips worldwide. The size is the same all over but it can also be altered in accordance with the preference of the customer.

Regardless of the financial position of the customer, they can get the wallets since the materials are made to accommodate any budget. The cheap and readily available wallets are made of paper but they do not last long as require which means they should be changed regularly.

Velvet and leather are sleek and elegant materials that are mostly used by high end hotels, these materials are used because they have a sophisticated look which is used to represent the status quo. They can only be made on order because of their price and the frequency of their use; most of them are costume made to fit the requirements of the customer. Despite their high price, they are very reliable and can withstand a wide range conditions that can cause destruction and damage to the slips.

Heavy and thick materials like denim are also common with the upscale hotels; they rank high on the cost chart due to the fact that they are strong and resistant to many substances. Unlike the other materials denim is able to protect the slip from snapping when sat on since they are firm and stiff, the set back of this material is that it shrinks when in contact with water.

In order to make the wallets unique, they can be customized to have the initials or the name of the premises. Different colors can also make them easily identifiable when issuing them out to the customers. Since the codes rarely change it is important to the cards intact.

Implementation of the slips is quite costly thus maintenance should be taken seriously and keenly since any changes call for more finance. Choosing the materials should also be done with discretion since any mistakes could lead to having to fix the entire system.

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