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Family Fishing Cape May New Jersey

By Harriet Porter

Catching fish is an outdoor activity that people of all ages enjoy. For a day trip or a vacation, family fishing Cape May will make memories to last a lifetime. The sport is best for children in summer, when the croakers come into the area, but it's a year-round activity here.

Croakers are small fish, usually not more than twelve inches long. They put up a great fight when hooked, but they aren't too strong for a child to bring in. They also are plentiful during the summer, so a day out in a party boat can be full of action.

Party boats are designed for people who are either learning or just want to see what a fishing trip is like. They have cabins for shelter from sun or rain, high side rails for security, bathrooms on board, and staff that love to show kids a good time. The crew will help both adults and children 'rig the tackle' (bait the hooks), bring in a fish, and even clean one that's big enough to take home. The boats are inspected and licensed by the US coast Guard, so they are safe, clean, and equipped with all safety gear.

Cape May Peninsula is where the Delaware Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean. The Rips are a world-famous fishing ground at land's end, where strong tidal currents and off-shore winds often create high-standing waves. Sandbars and deep holes contribute to the turmoil. It's not a place for young fisher-folk, but it is incredibly exciting and scenic. The whole family will like seeing the action from a distance and watching the waterfowl that are fishing, too.

Watching the wild water of the Rips and the birds that come to prey on the bait-fish is sometimes enlivened by a sight of Bottle-nosed dolphins or even a Hump-backed whale. Gulls, pelicans, and terns are always about, but even the rarer kittiwakes, jaegers, gannets, and storm-petrels can be seen. Kids like the fact that all of these are also catching fish.

It's recommended that children be seven and older to go on the off-shore boat trips. There are four-hour excursions that are about all the excitement smaller kids can stand. Teens may be interested enough for the six to eight-hour day trips, which is a long time to spend on the water. However, the time goes quickly when it's all new and exciting. Those really into the sport of game-fishing will like night trips after the large, strong bluefish.

Boats are great, but the family can also fish other places. There are quiet back bays where even toddlers can explore the sport in safety. Surf-casting and trolling is fun, as is fishing from the bridges and jetties around town. Crabbing is a favorite of small children, who love lying on the dock and watching their chicken neck attract blue crabs.

There are other things to do, if the family wants to spend more than a day. There are great beaches, fabulous ferry rides, and a famous light house to visit. Great hotels, charming B&Bs, fine restaurants, museums, and great shopping make this area a wonderful vacation destination.

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