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Paragliding Tips And Techniques For Greater Flight

By Deanne Shepard

Paragliding is one of the simplest form of flight that will let the person soar high in the sky with control. It is an extreme type sport that young and adult can do. It requires some proper techniques, ways and finesse to make a successful flight. You have to learn the basics for you to have a safe flying experience.

If you want to have a very successful flight, you need to find an instructor of paragliding Colorado, someone that will teach you some techniques for your flight. You can ask some local paraglider to ask them where to find a certified and qualified instructor that may probably just around the area.

Proper gear will be highly needed to provide safety. You also need the proper tools for you to have a great experience. You may consult your instructor what are the things, gears and tools that you will be needing before you actually purchase one for you. Your instructor knows what gear will fit your needs and ability level.

Essential gears that you will be needing for paragliding includes the harness, wing, a helmet and a reserved parachute. Before you actually purchase them, try them on first, to know if you are really comfortable with it, especially in choosing the harness. Choose a helmet with a foam backing so that it will protect you from having injuries.

You will also need a protective boots that will support your ankle, a flight suit that will maintain your body temperature while you are at higher elevations, a hook knife in cases of emergency and a bag that will keep paraglider while you are not using it. Choose an open face helmet that will not obstruct your hearing and vision.

Do not purchase a gear from an auction or any classified advertisements. You will not really get an assurance that they are safe products, which is really important when you purchase one. This gear is an investment, although they are expensive, but it will be an assurance that is well made and will last longer.

You have to learn the basic principles of paragliding. You have to practice how to launch, how to turn and how to land a paraglider with the supervision of your instructor. To launch, , you have to run into the wind and run towards the slope with a paraglider behind you. This is called the hopping technique. It will let you get the feel for the lift that the paraglider will receive as soon as it meets the air.

You need to control your elevation, direction and speed. For you to control them, manipulate the brakes. By pulling the brakes, you will turn into a direction that you want. Pulling it at the same time will reduce your speed and will let you have a soft landing.

Gather your gear as soon an you land smoothly, to make sure that other paraglider will have a room to land smoothly and safely as well. Check immediately your gear if they have damaged. Pack your wing in a stuff sack so that it will be protected from the ultraviolet rays. You have to properly store it, to avoid tears and rips. Remember that you have to replace it after every four years because of its natural deterioration.

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