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Bahamas Fishing Charters Fun Experience

By Kerri Stout

The Bahamas is one of the best places to go to fish, and who does not like fishing? Bahamas fishing charters are available for hire to facilitate this trip. To book a fishing carter, call the captain to schedule your trip. Fishing gear such as rods, bait and tackle will be provided by the chartering company. The captain will also organize your meeting place.

Voyage and bare boats are the types of charter boats to choose between depending on the type of trip that you are planning. Voyages come equipped with crew and supplies whereas bare boats do not. In bare boats, the customer gets to have their own crew and also stock the supplies of their choice. This however, is not entrusted to everyone. Only competent customers who have training and licenses.

All captains, avail their phone numbers so that you can call them and have a chat about your trip. You may ask about the most suitable weather or time, date of the trip. Captains of all charters should be licensed by the U. S Coast Guard. Besides, they are subject to a random drug test to ensure that they are sober for the safety of their passengers.

Vessels have to be maintained and serviced regularly. Vessels carrying six people or less should be able to pass the state inspection test. Those carrying seven or more people should operate with a license from the US Coast Guard. In most states, any one over fifteen years is required to have a license in order to fish. Most boats sell licenses on board. For some others you have to purchase elsewhere.

Individuals, families and groups may hire charter boats. You may also find special boats for the handicapped. Families with children may also hire a boat that takes the children into consideration. The parents have a chance to enjoy fishing while the children are taught and guided by the staff. Small tackles are availed for them so that they can take part.

Luxury vessels are available for hire for those who want to have a homely feel when fishing. They provide a comfortable way to cruise and fish in the ocean. They are equipped and designed to provide a home away from home scenario. You may find satellite TV, radios, movie libraries, living quarters as well as ice makers. It may be customized to your liking.

You may also want to book a luxury vessel for a wedding, corporate events such as fishing competitions and parties. Corporate events such as team building and retreats are also catered for after booking. A vessel that will be just enough for everyone is availed, and services such as lunch boxes and conference halls. Fishing trips are planned with the schedules of the group in mind.

Bring items such as sunglasses, sunscreen, cameras and medicines for motion sickness. When the trip is done and you wish to carry your fish home, the captain will facilitate this. They will personally clean the fish and package it for you. Besides, if you need it sent to you later they will arrange for shipping. With the right boat, you are signed up for a memorable experience.

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