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Choosing The Best Paintball Gear

By Mattie MacDonald

Paintball can be great fun. However unlike laser tag it is something that requires protective gear. Also some of it is more effective than others. Therefore it helps to be sensible when choosing the best paintball gear that is appropriate for your own individual requirements.

The right paintball gear will depend on a few factors. The fact is that advanced equipment may not be ideal for someone who is just starting out. Equally as you get more confident you may want to trade up to something more advanced that reflects your increasing skill and playing confidence.

Broadly speaking there are two styles of paintballing. The first is Woodball. Generally this is what people tend to think of when someone says they are going to play paintball. The idea is that they are going to go into the woods in a mock combat style and often half the fun is playing an adult version of playground army games.

Furthermore the jackets you wear should also be of the best quality to minimise the pain of the impact of a paintball hitting you. It is also worth wearing thick clothes while playing rather than exposed skin. Exposed skin will result in more injuries and they will be more painful. If you have ever played the game you will know that a projectile bursting during the game can hurt!

Speedball is different in that it takes place in a man made environment. Often people will be playing on inflatable bunkers or in areas with specifically placed obstacles. The advantage with this style is that you are not as affected by the outside environment while you are playing.

Your playing style can also have an effect on the kind of equipment that you should get for the game environment. The gun or marker has a number of variations. A mechanical trigger will fire once while an electronic trigger can be configured to fire a number of times. Generally speaking most people know of the pump action markers that need to be pumped after each shot. Additional accessories such as sights can also make it easier to fire the marker more accurately.

There are also additional equipment available for purchase. For example you can get a sight that can make it easier to target people. Some people may frown on this but as a beginner this can help you. You can find a number of different accessories online that can give you that extra edge in the middle of a game.

In simple terms what you purchase depends on how you are playing the game, where you are playing it and most importantly ensuring that you are safe while you are playing as much as possible. While it is possible to rent equipment at various venues the right equipment suited to your needs will often make it more enjoyable, especially if you play often. Use your regular search engine to find companies online as well as feedback on their services and where you can go paintballing in your local area.

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