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Cozumel Scuba Diving Packages Can Save You Money

By Mattie MacDonald

Cozumel has some of the best dive sites in the world. They are unique and teeming with marine life. There are lots of great value Cozumel scuba diving packages to be found so that experiencing top quality Caribbean diving does not have to break the bank. The island has a range of accommodation to suit all budgets.

The reason this place has such unique scuba opportunities is geology. The island sits on a bed of ancient limestone which over millennia was carved up by glaciers and rivers. These caves and canyons are now under the sea and ripe for exploration.

Bargains can be picked up any time of year apart from Easter and Christmas when travelling anywhere tends to cost more. An all inclusive package can be the best option as it means you know exactly how much you are going to spend. These resorts include the cost of food and drink so you can indulge and have a good time after your dive.

Cozumel is a Mecca for divers because there is nowhere else like it. The limestone geology of the area has been carved and sculpted by the ages into incredible caverns, reefs and walls. There are sites to suit all types of diver from the technical to the novice. Courses are available to improve your skills, just check the number of dive hours you will need for the course you want to do.

Less experienced divers will be able to enjoy a variety of locations such as the Palancar Garden, a shallow reef with exciting fissures and black coral. It is perfect for photography with bright corals, tubes, fish and plenty of light. There is also some great shore diving to see octopus, huge shellfish and shoals of reef fish.

Experienced divers will find all kinds of experiences around the island. The caverns provide a test fro even the most technical diver. There are also deep reefs, shipwrecks, plane wrecks, drop-offs and tunnels. Make sure to check with your tour operator before you leave that you have the correct certifications for the sites you want to see.

It is possible to take a vacation on the island all year round. The weather does not vary much and has a high level of rainfall. December to February are the coolest months but still have average temperatures in the early seventies. High season is December to April and prices are always higher at Christmas and Easter.

Diving in the Caribbean is on every divers bucket list. The crystal clear waters and incredible marine wildlife are world class. In Cozumel this is made even better by the unique topography of the area with its caverns and underwater canyons. There is nowhere else like it.

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