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For Unparalleled Limo Service New Haven CT Is Worth Considering

By Mattie MacDonald

There are many companies that offer professionals limousine services to clients in many places. Limousines are rented for many different reasons ranging from simple airport transportation to attending special occasions and appearing in places in style. Limousine rental companies have rules governing the usage of their cars and beyond that, they do not care one does with the cars. One needs to know what is entailed in renting a limousine especially if they are doing it for the first time. When in need of professional limo service New Haven CT is worth visiting.

Before renting a limousine, it is best to know the charges involved. Since limousines vary in type and capacity, there is also a great variation in costs. In most cases, factors that determine price are duration of renting, distance, party size, vehicle size, and location. Airport transportation starts from 20 USD upwards. Lower costs are charged if services are also of poor quality.

Costs are spread among the number of people renting a limousine. This makes it cheaper for many people to rent a single car. The sizes of cars vary, meaning that the number of passengers accommodated depends on the capacity. Generally there are 6 major types of limousines, that is, stretch sedans, luxury sedans, 10-passenger, 12-passenger, 6-passenger, and 8-passenger stretch limousines. The interior design of a given vehicle determines how many people it can accommodate.

It is allowed for one to rent a limousine for another person, third party. Some scrupulous companies capitalize on additional charges a lot in such situations hence one should be careful. Sources for additional charges are tolls, non-existent highway taxes, fuel surcharges, beverages, and waiting time. To avoid uncertainties, the cost one obtains must be all-inclusive.

When renting, one must ensure that the company has the US DOT number and that the number is placed on the limo. If this number is not available, it could mean that the company is not approved to operate in New Haven. One can also check the windshield of the vehicle to ensure that it is current. The sticker placed on the windshield shows if the vehicle is up to date with the Transportation Department.

It is advisable to check the insurance cover of the company because most insurance companies compensate people depending on the nature of the cover taken by the company. Insurance cover is not provided for victims of accidents if the insurance is for a town car. Approved companies only hire qualified drivers. The drivers have background checks run on them before they are hired to find if any they have any records of wrongdoing.

Weddings and other occasions are treated differently by some companies. Clients are given special price packages plus many other additional services on such occasions. Among the benefits provided in addition to special price packages are red carpets, glassware in limousines, standard chauffeur gratuity, and non-alcoholic beverages. Others include professionally attired chauffeur, Just Married signs, and limo decorations and napkins.

Drinking alcohol in limos depends on the state in question. However, regardless of the state, underages are completely disallowed in all states. People found breaking this law may face legal charges from the rental company.

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