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Looking For A Red River Walleye Guide

By Harriet Porter

When looking to schedule a fishing tour in the northern part of the United States you will have several important decisions to make prior to making the reservations. Time of year you plan to travel and the type of fishing you want to do can be resolved by selecting a Red River walleye guide that can provide the information and has enough experience to lead you to the best fishing spots in his area.

The Red River travels through two states that touch the Canadian border. Those states are North Dakota and Minnesota and you will find a number of guides in either state that will be happy to accommodate you and your party while fishing. There are also lodges and guides that can be hired in the Manitoba, Canada area.

A little research will help you determine where you prefer to fish. They are most active and feeding in the months just before winter sets in because they are bulking up for the lean winter months. Your schedule can be determined from information provided by weather forecasts and the people who are in charge of your tour. You may want to consider trying the ice fishing that happens during the coldest parts of winter when lakes and rivers are frozen.

Tour guides with boats are able to comfortably fit two or three guests on the vessel at one time. All poles, lures, fishing rigs and gear is provided for the guest along with any bait that may be necessary. You may want to find out what kind of state and county permits or out of state licenses you will need to acquire before you begin your tour. Many can be applied for and obtained through the internet by contacting the proper agencies.

Many tours do not include food or refreshments in the initial cost. You may be able to arrange for lunches to be supplied on board the boat for an additional cost and some hotels and lodges will supply a box lunch for their clients who are going fishing for the day. You and your party will be able to charter the boat for full or half days and most guides will almost guarantee catching fish.

There are corporate tours available also. The bigger touring firms cater to larger groups because they have more fishing vessels. Their guides take small groups of corporate employees out to fish and sometimes organize tournaments for them. These retreats are designed to help the employees network better and exchange ideas and information among themselves.

Some guides cooperate with lodges or hotels to help provide a more comfortable stay for their guests. This is beneficial to everyone involved in that guests do not need to worry about lodgings, the guide has a constant source of clients and the hotel rents more rooms during the fishing season. Other guides offer the wilderness tours that allow clients to sleep out in the woods and trek from one fishing hole to the next.

Guided fishing tours can be an exciting way to spend a few vacation days. You will have the options of sharing your adventure with others or spending your time alone with your guide and the thrill of the catch and viewing the fall or winter scenery of the region on your own. Either way it should be an event to remember for a long time to come.

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