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What RFID Keycards Are Used For

By Mattie MacDonald

RFIDs are getting more and more popular these days. This is all due to the fact that it helps with the upkeep of records and the proper tracing of services like hotel rooms, transportation, entrance and exit to establishments, and many more. Most of the buildings or services nowadays use RFID keycards for certain functions.

You can say that this card has a number of functions. There are many business establishments that are making good use of this card. The card is very helpful in a lot of ways after all. Important functions, details, and information are recorded because of the use of this card. Here are just a few of the functions that this card can do.

When you are traveling, you will definitely get to encounter this card. This happens when you stay at hotels. When you book a room in a good hotel, the receptionist will give you a magnetic card that will serve as the room key. Since the code of the lock to your room only matches and opens with the said card, it definitely makes your stay more secure.

Of course, the card does not only exist to serve as a room key. It is also a means for the guests to turn off or on the power of their room without having to go one by one to the switches. You can just search for the wall slot beside the door, insert the card there, and the power will be turned on. Remove the card to turn off power.

The card is also a means to pay for your fare, when you are riding in buses and trains. Instead of paying in cash or loose change then waiting for your change, you can just use a train pass. It should be more convenient not only for the passengers riding the buses and trains but for the drivers and the bus and train company as well.

At times, the card will contain the identification details of the owner but it most likely have the amount for transportation that you have purchased. When the card is filled up with the right amount of points or more, then one can ride the buses and trains anywhere. This is how the pass card actually works.

When it comes to work, school, or government institutions, there are times when you are given the said card. This card will act as your identification card. Your personal details will be encoded in the card so that every time it passes a terminal system, you can be detected easily.

More than just checking for your attendance, there are times when the said card is used to determine a personnel's security clearance. Especially in laboratories or government facilities, security clearance differ according to an employee's rank. The lower you are in the totem pole, the lower your access important files will be. This is determined by the said card.

Of course, you can use the card in more than these functions. You can take advantage of this in some other ways. If you own a business, you should not hesitate to use this innovative card system. It makes a good investment, after all.

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