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Enjoy The Magic Of Africa With Namibia Safari Packages

By Enid Hinton

Southern Africa has some excellent destinations for wildlife viewing but few can beat the country of Namibia. This large country is sparsely populated so if you love wide open spaces, this is the place for you. Once upon a time it was a German colony and the German influence is still strong in the historic architecture, German bakeries and local brews. With Namibia safari packages you can enjoy the magic of Africa and it's surprisingly affordable too.

Namibia is a large country in the western part of Southern Africa. Its western border is formed by the Atlantic Ocean. To the south is the Orange River that separates the country from South Africa while up north, crossing the Kunene River will put you in Angola. To the east lies Botswana. The capital city is centrally located Windhoek.

Most of the country is either very dry or outright desert. It's hot here too. This is why the winter months are a much better time to visit. Aside from the heat being more bearable then, winter has the advantage that the vegetation is less dense and you'll spot those wild animals much more easily. Other sights to see include the spectacular Fish River Canyon, the desert ghost town of Kolmanskop and the charming Swakopmund with its German atmosphere.

Parts of the Namib Desert can only be visited if you have a special permit, since there are diamond mines here. However, there are vast areas that are open to tourists. Sossusvlei is a popular desert destination close to majestic sand dunes. The Skeleton Coast to the north is desolate with many a shipwreck along the shore. Apart from the seals along the beaches, you may find jackal, springbok, oryx and even elephants that have adapted to life in the desert. Africa's largest national park, the Namib-Naukluft National Park, is located in the Namib too.

The second-largest Namibian national park is Etosha. This is one of the best places to see a variety of wildlife, from antelope to lions. They come for the water of the Etosha Pan, a large salt pan that forms a gathering place for thirsty animals especially during the dry winter months.

Not too far from Etosha by Namibian standards is the region known as Damaraland. Here you'll find a vast lunar landscape with stunning rock formations. One of these is the prominent Vingerklip, which means 'finger rock'. Brandberg, the country's highest mountain, is located here too and is home to a famous rock painting known as the White Woman. Twyfelfontein has more rock paintings and the area also has a petrified forest. For wildlife, try tracking elephant and rhino on a safari presented by the local community.

Two other fascinating northern regions are Kaokoland and the Caprivi Strip. The former is near the Kunene River, which forms the border with Angola, and is home to the fascinating Himba people. Game is plentiful here too and you might even see cheetah. The Caprivi Strip is lush and greener than the rest of the country due to the Kavango and Kwando Rivers. From here the Okavango Delta in neighboring Botswana is within easy reach too.

To make your African dream a reality, no matter what your budget, you only need to contact your local travel agent. Otherwise, book a package deal online. Many of these deals are all-inclusive and you only have to worry about getting to Windhoek and remembering to pack your camera.

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