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The Playground Games That Children Love To Play

By Enid Hinton

Children often learn a lot of life lessons while they are playing with other children during play time. Of course it is the job of the teacher to ensure that the students know how to play the playground games that were planned for them and to explain to them why the games were played. Here are a few of the most popular activities that kids just love.

Now one game that is a big hit among any student that can run whether male or female would of course be tag. Now everyone is probably familiar with tag as the game wherein the it would chase other players to make them it. This is one of the games that would really make a kid tired and would also teach him about how to cooperate too.

Now tug of war is a very popular game in a lot of schools because it is one that would help students gain physical strength and teach them some values. Now the rules are two teams are going to be pulling a rope in opposite directions trying to bring the rope to their side. This game requires a lot of team effort and will not work unless everyone cooperates.

Another popular game that can be played on the playground is of course monkey in the middle. This is a game wherein one person is in between two teams who are going try to hit him with a ball. Once one person hits him, he will then become the monkey in the middle and the one in the middle has to just avoid getting hit by the ball.

A game that requires quite a huge number of people and a lot of energy would capture the flag. Basically, this teacher would split the class into two teams and each team has their own flag that the other team has to get without getting tag by any of the opposing team members. If one gets tagged by an opposing team member, then that person will be sent to a jail.

A less strenuous game but equally as fun one is known as croquet. Now croquet is all about the players being able to hit certain colored balls through colored hoops with a hammer. This will teach kids how to think tactically in order to make them smarter.

Now another game that is a little bit more strenuous and is more for the older kids would be the famous dodgeball. Dodgeball is a game wherein a group of people are split into two teams and there are a number of balls that are put in the middle of them. The objective is to grab as many balls as possible and hit the opposing players until there are none left.

So basically, those are some of the fun games that children can play during play time. Now a teacher should always make sure that after that he would tell the students the purpose of playing the game right after. This will help them know some life lessons and also be able to apply them as well.

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