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Exotic Explorations Are Part Of Machu Picchu And Galapagos Combined Tours

By Janine Hughes

For most, the chance to explore both Peru and Ecuador on the same vacation results in many questions. These always involve itinerary and methods of transportation. Some of these travel issues depend on the level of exertion expected for the mountainous regions and high altitudes in Peru. Other concerns include how to see and experience the most of the islands.

These two popular and fascinating spots are often visited on machu picchu and galapagos combined tours. Both can be easily explored as part of one vacation. Because Machu Picchu requires becoming accustomed to very high elevations, many who have been there suggest seeing it first, and then relaxing in the Galapagos at the end of your trip. This is true even for the most fit travelers.

There are several ways to reach the Peru highlands. Most tourists arrive in Lima by plane. Once landed, they can be greeted by their tour guide and board the bus that will accompany them to their hotel and stay with them throughout their tour. Guides for this type of trip are well versed in the culture and history of the area, providing interesting lectures and discussion during travel times. Other travelers will choose to hike the Inca Trail or take a train to get to the highest points in the Andes. Remembering that Peru also has the fascinating Amazon, Lake Titicaca and Lima itself might help tourists to opt for additional side tours.

Quito is a common arrival point for air travelers to Ecuador. The country is small, but this capitol city offers exciting day visits to the Andes mountains, the Amazon forest or preserved colonial cities. As a gateway to the surrounding regions, this is a place for touring. You can depart on a cruise of Galapagos from here as well.

The islands made famous by Charles Darwin as his inspiration for the theory of evolution are closely monitored as part of the National Park system. Visitors to the Tortoise Reserve set in the highlands of Santa Cruz island are guided by trained park naturalists. Entry each day is limited to specific hours, and roaming away from set trails is not allowed. Preserving the park for future use and protection of the native species is a priority.

Eco-camping and luxury tenting is possible for overnight visits within the island system. These must be scheduled in advance as availability can be limited. An excellent way to enjoy much of what this location has available is to book a cruise that travels around the islands, stopping at different spots along the tour. This is one of the more popular ways to visit there.

Literally hundreds of tour companies can arrange combination tours for you. Your goals before booking will be to explore pricing, know your vacation length and consider what you want to see and how best to do so.

Enthusiastic and experienced guides are a must for a combined itinerary. Their knowledge of local customs and dialects will be crucial when you reach the higher elevations of the Andes and the scientific reserve in the Galapagos. Booking tours that include these leaders will enhance your enjoyment of each location.

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