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The Consumer Lead On Lake Cushman Camping

By Ines Flores

If you have ever been to the Olympic National Park then you might be correct in your prediction. Yes, the little known staircase region home to Lake Cushman and the Skokomish River. This place is a sight to see and is home to sheer beauty and breath taking Mather Nature. Lake Cushman camping is one of the best activities to be in with your loved one. For a romantic gate away, a family tradition or leisure, this will surely not disappoint.

Camping is such a wonderful experience that brings one closer to nature. The peaceful interaction with Mother Nature is the ideal and earliest form of interaction with the environment known to man. The beauty of this is we would not be talking about global warming if we all were campers.

The Skokomish people in the eyes of their neighbors were referred to us the people who resided with the monster. There is no fact up to date that substantiates this and it could still remain to be a myth. But, well myths are there to be believed or not. The name Twana in itself is fresh water, a descriptive feature of the place and true to that.

The other good feature about this place is the fishers are back. A recent research found out that the fishers which were long gone in these woods are back. Just picture seeing a fisher in this place and for sure you would not hold back going to Staircase.

This place has a rich history. The name came from a translator who worked for Isaac Steven during the Treaty of Point Elliot. Mr. Cushman got honored by being the naming of this lake after him in place of the local Twana community, natives of Washington, which had another name.

You might also need to know how the name came about. Cushman, a translator to Isaac Stevens in Treaty of Point Elliot, was honored with the naming of this lake after him. The local Washington natives, Twanas, however had a different name to this place that did not formalize.

The latest headline that may worsen the possibility of people coming here in future is the fact that the Staircase region is soon to be closed for camping. The other remaining 47 spots across this large region can be still used. There is a lot to do here.

You could go with your Jet Ski or mountaineer. There is an array of activities you could get into. This place is ideal for family, couples and group events. There are areas set for grilling and getting roasting those hot dog buns. Or you could walk in the woods and take a downstream walk in rapids if hiking is not your thing.

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