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What To Do When You Visit St Maarten

By Janine Hughes

If you are booking a holiday to the Caribbean, then you have to consider going to one island in particular. That island is St Maarten, a beautiful jewel located in the north east of the Caribbean sea, east to Puerto Rico. Divided into the French part - about sixty one percent - and the Dutch part - about thrity nine percent - this is a place you will not forget.

As such, French and Dutch are spoken here, as well as English, which is, in fact, the island's most common language. This is also the reason for the various names of the country and spellings of those names. Another common name for the island is SXM. Local dialects and versions of creole French can be heard, as well as a language called Papiamento, which is primarily spoken by immigrants from the Caribbean islands of Curacao and Aruba.

This location is very popular as a tourist destination and you won't be short of things to do should you visit here, no matter what your personal taste it. Visit the French side to experience nudist beaches, taste the wonderful cuisine with French and West Indian influences and shop at the local markets outdoors. Visit the Dutch side if you are a lover of nightlife and casinos, as well as trying locally created rum and, of course, lounging on beautiful beaches.

You can stay at any one of a number of different styles of accommodation in SXM. If you like luxury, then La Samanna Resort & Spa is where you need to be. It is a five-star accommodation that is unparalleled. You can also stay a hotel, guesthouse or timeshare, which you can book online or via your travel agency.

There are many fun activities to do on any part of the island, but, being an island, the beaches are a must. From horseback riding to deep sea fishing to snorkeling and scuba diving, there is something for every taste here. Visitors can also just lay back, relax and enjoy the beautiful sunsets of Saint Martin on any of the thirty seven beaches on offer.

Several day trips are available during a visit to this island. Prickly Pear Cay is the sister isle of Anguilla, and both of these gorgeous islands can easily be accessed. A package, which can cost upwards of one hundred US dollars, usually includes transportation by water, plus lunch, refreshments and snorkeling. Port fees are also included.

You can also take the catamaran to Anguila and visit Dolphin Discovery Anguilla, which is unforgettable. Here, you will get to swim with the dolphins and can partake in an activity with them as well. There are three activities available. You will also get to have lunch at one of Anguilla's best restaurants on the beach. All of this costs a little more than two hundred USD.

For less than $80 USD, young adults will enjoy the pirate shore excursion package on offer, which includes unlimited drinks for the day. Other shore excursions cost even less, showing off some of Saint Martin's best sights and landmarks in a four- to five-hour trip around the island. These shore excursions include stops to visit local markets or indulge in snorkeling and scuba diving.

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