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How To Choose The Right Survival Backpack For Sale

By Janine Hughes

Avid hikers have a good understanding of what type of gear they need to carry to survive for a number of days. There are several things to know when putting together a bag for taking to the woods, or to make sure you have what is needed to keep going in an emergency. A survival backpack for sale can sustain a person for about 3 days.

A person can assemble their own pack, or add to one that was already outfitted when purchased. People often modify the survival packs as time goes on to make certain they include ample supplies. If you have never had a pack, collecting the right items can be a challenge. Simply thinking about the things that are needed to survive is a god start.

The packs that are sold are designed to aid folks in an emergency. There are enough supplies to sustain an individual for tree days. However, many people plan for packs to provide support for much longer. Keep in mind that the bag should not be too heavy to carry. A pack that is heavy will not help in a situation that is desperate.

Look for the pack that starts with the basics needed to sustain you for three days. The first item that is included without question is water. Water is a necessity in any circumstance. When survival is the focus, water immediately becomes a valuable commodity. The minimum amount needed for one person per day is one liter so you should make sure you have no less than three liters.

If you are planning to pack for more than 72 hours you should include some type of water purifying system. This can consist of iodine tablets, boiling the water, or filtration system. Collapsible bottles can also be packed for extra water storage. To make your filtering system last longer, use coffee filters. You may also want to take along bottled water.

If packing a three day pack freeze dried foods and energy bars are adequate. Freeze dried meals are prepared using boiling water. The meals will last for a long time and are quite light so they will not increase the weight of your pack. Of course if you are planning for emergency or disaster packs you need a longer term food solution.

Clothing items you include should be comparable to those you include for a backpacking journey. For 72 hours you will need long underwear, a jacket that is waterproof and warm, one long and one short sleeved shirt, two pair of socks, a pair of long pants, and a hat. Keep in mind the type of climate where you live.

A tarp or tent will make excellent shelter keeping you warm and dry. Carry a bedroll or sleeping bag. Include a first aid kit in your pack as well as several ways to make a fire. A knife, two flashlights, something to cut wood, and a small bot for cooking will also be needed. You should consider carrying some sort of weapon for protection. The kind of weapon should be something you are comfortable carrying.

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