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Wonderful Tips On Best Sailing Tours In Key West

By Janine Hughes

With its bountiful water sparkling blue and its seemingly relaxed atmosphere, its major attraction that draws thousands of visitors to the island is its colorful coral reef just off the shoreline. Whether you are looking for a romantic outing to share with a loved one or family outing on the waters, there are activities to meet your needs. They include snorkeling, para sailing, water trampoline, and kayaking, jet skiing among others. You will find information below on the best sailing tours in Key West helpful.

You will enjoy your drinks before taking a boat ride for about six hours. This will take you about 25 miles off the coastline. The guide will enable you to plunge into the waters to enjoy your best water sport. Snorkeling is a choice for many and you will be in a position to watch colorful fish, sea animals and the only beautiful coral reef along the shores.

The banana shaped boat ride is an experience of its own, this is where the banana shaped boat is fixed on the rear of a another fast traveling speed boat that makes swift turns. It is quite thrilling since you just have to be steady not to fall at a speed of 30-40mph. As you move further into the sea, be cautious of jellyfish, because they sting. They are likely to be encountered in the months of September and October. Once you spot them flowing in your direction you will need to get back quickly into the boat.

Select a boat that has a glass-bottomed floor for better photography. Do not forget to carry a waterproof camera. You will enjoy taking photos of sea life including coral reefs. The shores are picturesque sights of mangroves and unique coral reefs. Ask the guide to take you offshore in the deep blue waters for additional exploration of colorful species of fish.

There is no greater excitement than diving and snorkeling amongst sea life, especially fish, Sea turtles, rays and starfish. As you ride in a boat, you will encounter dolphins that like to follow your canoe. It is recommended to rent a boat with a group of six, rather than go it alone. You meet new people. More await you in the land like museums, theaters, art galleries and plenty of shopping.

Before you go for the excursion, spend some money on a heavy breakfast. You will need energy for snorkeling, para sailing, fly-fishing, deep-sea fishing. When you sail to the shoreline for the night and wish to be served drinks like beer, wine, pop and water. There are many fine restaurants to choose. It is nice you get some cash for tipping the waiters.

Diving and snorkeling in the coral reefs and wrecks around is spectacular. If you have an interest in wreck diving, expert divers will assist without patronizing. Check to make sure the diving equipment is available and maintained.

You can take a sunny day for a snorkeling trip or drive to state park in small groups and have two reef stops to see schools of tropical fish all around you. You need to use the guidance of the captain and a lifeguard. Some guides provide snorkeling gear and drinks are included in your trip.

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