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People Love Going On Churchill Manitoba Polar Bear Tours

By Ines Flores

The world is full of interesting experiences. The Churchill Manitoba Polar Bear Tours are there for everyone who is interested in these beautiful creatures, to be able to observe them in their natural habitat. Their scientific name is Ursus Maritimus and they are meat eaters. They are the world's largest land carnivores and are very cute when young.

The male bear can weigh anything from three hundred and fifty to seven hundred kilograms whereas the female of the species is about half that size. Their sister specie is the brown bear but because of the environment they live in, they have had to adapt. Their litter are born on land but spend most of their time in the frigid waters on the lookout for their favourite meal, the seal.

The bark of the tree is greyish brown in colour and is scaly and thin. The leaves have an outward show of needles and can be as long as fifteen millimetres. Each one is hard and on the upper sides has a bluish green colour while below is a paler green. They produce cones which are only about four centimetres long and are circular in shape with a dark purple in the beginning and later turning red brown when matured.

Constantine John Phipps who was born in 1744 and died in 1792 was an explorer in the Royal Navy. He was the first to describe these animals as a species and chose their name due to the habitat they lived in. They are found mainly in the Arctic Circle and adjacent lands as far as Newfoundland. This is a large island in Canada off the east coast of North America.

The polar bear tourism business started in the 1980s. During the October and November period thousands of these grand creatures wait on the neck of land until the water in the Hudson Bay freezes over so that they can go back to hunting. During the so called summer months there are also tours available where one can see these animals both on land and swimming in the water.

The Lazy Bear Lodge has cabins made out of black and white spruce with at least one feature of a twisted log. All the logs that are used to build the lodge are recycled from forest fire kill and many are one hundred and fifty years old. There are two stories with the first floor having sixteen rooms and the upper floor with seventeen rooms.

Each paw has small dermal bumps which help with the traction on the ice and scientists have found that bears prefer to use their right paw for digging. This came about when they found injured bears and patterns suggested that their forelimbs seemed to be injured mainly on the right. The teeth are larger and sharper then the brown bear and there are about forty two in total.

Churchill Polar Bear Tours are situated in a town where there are only a few human settlements around. This is a popular place where many from all over the world come to observe these amazing creatures. The best time to visit is between October and November when the bears move from their summer habitat to their hunting territory.

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