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Amazing And Entertaining Ballooning Festivals

By Alta Alexander

If you are interested to ride a hot air balloon, go to Winter Park, CO. There, you can see lots of different balloons with various colors. There are festivals and events every year and lots of tourists come here to see the spectacular show of balloons sailing up the blue skies. When you take the ride and start to ascend, you will start to see the beautiful view of wide grasslands, cliffs, rocky mountain, and beautiful valleys.

There is a club for balloon operators and they keep the flight safe. Colorado ballooning is really entertaining as well. You can eat your breakfast while high up above the clouds or toast your champagne. They also play real good music there which makes your experience even more relaxing. The balloon is complete with safety gears as well.

The best time to fly is during sunrise because winds are most stable during that time of the day. Visitors are advised to wear their jackets or sweaters on. It will be a very cold ascent but once the sun comes up, it will start to become warmer in the basket, plus the heat that comes out from the hot air.

Many excited faces come to the festival. They have to be there early to see those colorful balloons as they go up gradually to the blue sky. You are going to have to wake up really early to catch this event.

This is the event where you can bring the entire family with you especially the kids, that is, if they can wake up early. It is not necessary to take the ride if you are not up to it and if the kids are scared. You can simply stay on the ground and look at those beautiful colors. There are also a lot of other booths and activities where you can take your children to. Not to mention all the souvenirs and toys you can buy.

Some people do not let the day pass if they cannot take a ride. The panoramic view is very picturesque and they like to take high quality pictures of beautiful scenes. You can be up in the skies, like literally in cloud nine, for over two hours. You can also extend if possible, but you will have to prompt the operator.

Some people find it scary at first but the ascent is really slow and gradual and it will not turn the stomach inside out. Eventually, when they finally get used to it, they will even request for a longer time up there. It is really relaxing and elegant to be up there. In the past, this has been used as a transport for people from one place to another. It takes you back to those days and the feeling is like, vintage.

The city is popular for the balloon festival, which happens at least once in a year. However, they are still available at anytime. You can take the ride anytime the whole year round as long as there are no storms or bad weather. The operators have been flying for approximately forty years now, so they are really reliable.

If the weather condition is perfect for flying, they can let it fly a few more hundred feet high. This way, you will be able to see a more beautiful panorama of the countryside with all the colorful waters and rocky mountains. You will have a birds eye view of all of Winter Park, which is amazing for photography as well.

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