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Tips To Consider While Engaging In Gator Hunting In Louisiana

By Stella Gay

Apart from farming, harvesting was and is still an economic activity that man still engages in. The animals were harvested in order to provide food and to use some parts of their bodies for various uses. The skins and hides are major parts of the body that these animals are useful in. One example of an activity that has made use of hides and skin for recreational purposes or to make income is the gator hunting in Louisiana.

The animal is hunted for one reason; their skin or hide. This part of their body is very valuable in the leather industry because the quality is farfetched. One who has bought leather items from the alligator skin can tell the difference once they make a purchase on another.

Hunting in this place is not just done out of the blue. This is why there are rules and regulations that are meant to guide the potential hunter. First and foremost, they need to assure the authorities that they own the wetland areas which is to sustain the growth of the animal. This is done to ensure that they genuinely own the land in question.

Living in the area and its environs comes with some advantages. One of them is the fact that they can obtain the licenses cheaply as compared to nonresidents. While hunting as a sport, they may need a guide who will assist them to secure the area where they can be accessed. The guides also supervise them so that they do the right thing.

There are specific equipment used when hunting these animals. They include the hook and line, bow and arrow and firearms. When we talk of firearms, we need to note that use of shot guns is prohibited. According to the wildlife and fisheries department have nominated the hook and line as the best method for hunting the animals.

It is important to take into account the manner in which one is to keep the hide safely and in good condition. This is why they are advised to store them in cool and dry areas away from pollutants such as the gasoline and oil. These contaminants can destroy the hide within a very short time and result in loss of value.

For individuals who are interested in engaging in the activity, they must be able to check with calendar that is provided by the department so that they do not miss in action. The time allowed for harvesting falls in the month of September beginning the first Wednesday of the month. They need to obtain CITES tags prior to the day in order to act as permit. Failure to do so will be punishable by law.

In essence, the harvesting is a great experience for those who come from the area or from other areas. This is why there is a clear guideline in which one can obtain the license and what one needs to engage in the activity.

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