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Off Shore Fishing Has Become A Global Favorite As A Pastime

By Alta Alexander

For many fishing is a boring and a waste of time sport. The majority do however find it a very relaxing past-time where being out in nature will help to sooth the nerves and clear the head. Others still love the thought of being out in the ocean miles from shore and tackling a big fish. Off shore fishing is very popular by many all around the world and is still a growing sport.

There are many charters that take people out and offer them expert advice when landing that big one. People especially fishermen and woman from all around the world flock to the The Cape of Good Hope in Cape Town. This specific area has a vast amount of different species all year round and because two great oceans meet the water is both warm as well as icy cold.

The variety and sizes of fish will also be different as the closer to shore one is the smaller they will be. The ones that are generally caught close to shore are the Flounder, Redfish which include the Sheepshead and the Dum as well as the Speckled Trout. The further out to sea one goes the bigger fish tend to be. The Yellow-fin, Marlin, Snapper, Cobia and the Mako are only a few that can be caught in deeper waters.

Different tackle are made to catch different kinds of fish. When trying to get a Yellowfin Tuna it is recommended that one have a few Penn 30VSW 30-80#, 5'6" rods as well as reels that are spooled with a Sufix Superior Line. Having Pocket Lure Wraps and a crimper is recommended. These can come in a set with many other additions for only six thousand dollars.

The Longfin Tuna can also be found in large shoals and can range from ten to thirty five kilograms. They are caught in the same manner as the Yellowfin but seem to respond better when chum is thrown into the sea. There was a catch of over one hundred and fifty of these creatures caught in only a few hours.

It weights about thirty kilograms and the length is three hundred and eighty five centimetres and eighty four centimetres in width. The weight it is able to carry is a massive two hundred kilograms and it comes in blue, light green, yellow and orange. The Angler version of this one comes fitted with three additional rod holders and a bungee cord at the back.

The in-shore waters have many different smaller but same size shoals of fish. The prized Sothern Yellowtail which migrates for hundreds of miles from New Zealand to the Namibian Boarder is plentiful. Their sizes range from fifteen to forty kilograms and are mainly caught with the trolling method.

The fishermen on this charter will even help young children to catch their very first fish. They cater for all ages as well as different levels of experience and those that have used them keep coming back each year. Nothing beats hearing the waves break on the side of the boat or getting sprayed by the sea out in the open while landing the "big one".

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