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Learning To Pet A Tiger

By Alta Alexander

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder as the saying goes so does it apply to tigers, many are attracted to the sheer beauty of this striped, magnified house cat. Indeed the tiger is beautiful, its cubs are so innocent that almost all parties over look its sheer power to be in the future that they decide to tame and pet a tiger which can be either a disaster in making or a blessing in disguise depending on how they handle it.

The tiger, a rare carnivore by nature is considered a very intelligent animal and is more intelligent than the normal house cat and dog by a big margin. This intelligence when tapped and put under training mostly in captivity can be trained to behave like a dog and any regular cat. In other words, they can be trained to fetch sticks like dogs and poop in hiding like cats thus the owner has a combination of a huge dog and cat in this pet.

The tiger by nature is a very territorial animal, this is just an instinct it gains from birth and enhances it as time goes by. If they are brought up and trained to act like a dog they usually are known to be very good guard animals whereby they guard their territory with such vigor that no human can match up to its strength and only a fellow tiger can be competitive enough.

Tigers are very cute when they are little and also grow to be very beautiful creatures when they grow up. This beauty makes them a target to poachers for their hide due to their striped coat. But it should not be killed for its beauty neither should it be put into captivity for other purposes like being pets because the tigers do not lose their instincts even in captivity.

When they are still cubs they do not have problems putting up with other animals but once they grow up to becoming adults they live a solitary life and they tend to kill all other smaller animals around them since the animals were found in their territory. Even if they were brought up with the smaller animal in its childhood they are known to kill intruders.

Having a tiger as a pet is also one lifelong commitment that the owner of the pet has to consider. The owner has to consider several factors before he or she acquires the pet. Because the pet has a high maintenance cost and its cost of food is high and also the tiger needs to be constantly monitored to see if it is into any mischief.

Tigers are known to very choosy when it comes to trusting an individual; in their lifetime they tend to trust one or two individuals who feed them and in cases where the trusted persons are unavailable the pet tigers have a tendency of waiting till the trusted person comes in order to eat the food served by the individual or in case they do not show up they are known to starve to death.

By nature tigers are huge, stealth and ruthless and in case it is realized back into the wild without training on how to hunt the tigers are known to start hunting humans since we form an easy target to them which is a surviving factors that the animal kingdom are known to adopt for the survival of their species.

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